9-1-1 LOVE


Rectangle 28

If you could call God, what would you say?

“911-1-L-O-V-E” underscores the consequence of human greed. Driven by an energy of wanting, living with short-term vision, looking out only for number one, many of us have forgotten who we are and why we are on the planet.

The health of our inner world is reflected back to us in our outer world. When we suffer, so do others and the planet, and vice versa. We are all connected.

Not everyone is aware that our current global situation is an emergency, yet if it continues unchecked, a day may come when we pick up the phone to call for help, and the only help remaining is the reality of One Love.

We need to remember that life is to love and love is life. Love is beyond wanting. It is to witness unfolding. Love is free.