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  1. How To Return To Inner Peace When You Feel Judged Or Tempted To Judge - - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    How to Return to Inner Peace When You Feel Judged or Tempted to Judge

    Discovering inner peace involves the letting go of our emotional reactivity, so that we can experience an open heart and a clear mind. Being judgmental is one of the ways our mind can react to the moment without presence. It may come in the form of criticizing how someone else is behaving, or what their beliefs may be. But it also shows itself in the way we respond to criticism, or when we become negative and frustrated about the ways we think we are not measuring up to an imagined standard. When a judgmental mind kicks in, we need to reconnect with inner peace so that we can be of maximum benefit to ourselves and to the world. No one likes to feel judged. The idea of being seen as less than the wonderful beings we hope to be can trigger feelings of inadequacy and fear. When we feel judged, our knee-jerk tendency is to judge in return. Yet, this only perpetuates pain. Whether we judge ourselves or others, or we are reacting to someone’s perceived judging of us, we are experiencing the constriction of a mind in judgment. A judgmental mind is like a vice grip. It is closed and holds onto its way of being. Disconnected from the whole, it insists that it knows…

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  2. YEM Inspiration

    True transformation arises when you let go of how you think it should happen.

  3. Parvati Foundation, MAPS, Arctic Heat Wave, Verkhoyanks fires

    Don’t Just Watch The Arctic Burn: Declare MAPS Now

    Unprecedented heat continues to sear the Arctic, with temperatures last week hovering around 33.8 degrees Celsius. In June, the region already set an all-time high temperature of more than 38 degrees Celsius in the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk. This is feverishly hot for a human, but considering Verkhoyansk is home to one of the coldest temperatures ever recorded outside Antarctica, the unprecedented heat is cataclysmic. Unseasonably early fires are also blazing across the region with 7,900 square miles already burnt. Arctic sea ice coverage along Siberia’s coast is at a 41-year low, and the unwavering heat is only hastening its demise. MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, must be declared immediately to protect us all from imminent danger. Verkhoyansk—and the entire Arctic region—are supposed to be keeping us cool. Arctic land and sea ice have been playing this role for millions of years, reflecting the sun’s heat back out into space through the summer, then rebuilding through the sunless winter. Humanity has never known life without this protection. Now, that is changing—at a speed of 14,000 tons a second. The loss of protective ice cover means air temperatures are much warmer over land. Hotter air dries out vegetation, turning it into kindling for intense and long-burning fires that are difficult to extinguish. In a vicious feedback…

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  4. Parvati - How to Let Go of the Shadows of Jealousy - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    How to Leave the Shadows of Jealousy Behind and Step Forward Into the Light

    The weekend that wraps up today is an exceptional time as the last of a series of eclipses darkens our world. We have the opportunity to leave behind our shadowy tendencies and step forward into greater light and clarity. To support that, let’s take a look at a complex emotion that often lurks in our shadows and eclipses our inner peace: jealousy. I am deeply grateful that here in Canada, as well as in the U.K. where my husband is serving MAPS (the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary), we have been successful at “flattening the curve” of COVID-19 infections and are cautiously beginning to reopen. At the same time, there are no words for the tragedy of thousands of people continuing to die each day, particularly in the United States and Brazil where the curve is anything but flat. After months of restrictions on our movement and interaction, people are frustrated. In some cases, citizens and leaders alike have pressed for restrictions to be lifted against medical advice—or simply flouted them entirely. Why? Could one reason be that we are jealous—whether of the apparent freedom of others, or simply of the lifestyle we once took for granted and no longer feel able to access? Jealousy is a painful emotion. No one likes experiencing it, let alone admitting…

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  5. How to Heal from Resentment - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary -

    How to Heal from the Resentment That Brings Pain to You and All Life

    When we have been hurt, sometimes the idea of letting go of resentment may seem dismissive of the pain we suffered. However, healing resentment is never about minimizing or dismissing what we experienced. If you have been hurt, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, the pain you felt was real. Healing resentment comes as we open compassionately and see it in full, so that we can ultimately ease our suffering. We first began to touch on resentment last fall, as we investigated the “blame trap” and how it kept us from inner peace. Now, for the sake of our own healing as well as peace in the world, let’s look more deeply into the nature of resentment. Since my first language is French, I find myself reminded, each time I hear the word “resentment”, of its Latin root: Re – to do over again Sent – to feel Resentment is like a broken record. We feel painful emotions over and over again that keep us tied to our past. For some reason, our ego has us convinced that this is a good thing to do. It may give us a sense of temporary power. It may feel as though we are somehow getting back at someone we feel has hurt us. But as we re-sent, feeling painful…

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  6. YEM Inspiration

    The life force that pulses through all creation flows through you.

  7. How to Find the Light Again When You Feel Hopeless - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary -Parvati.World

    How to Find the Light Again When You Feel Hopeless

    Last week, we explored the landscape of depression and the inner messages it brings for us. Beyond depression is the serious condition of despair. Despair calls for a clear, thorough and active response. We feel the hopelessness of despair when we co-create in the impossibilities to such an extent that we are now in undertow. When this happens, we need to immediately redirect our thinking. How do you know if you are feeling despair rather than depression? In depression, you may sense the possibility that your unhappy perspective can change. You just feel unable to find the zest to reactivate and engage with that possibility. In despair, however, you don’t feel possibility. When you are depressed, life can seem like a movie going on in front of you. You feel out of the picture, unsure how to re-enter the fullness of life. But if depression becomes despair, you don’t even believe in the picture, and don’t care to re-enter it. Whether you see it or not, you are constantly held within an intelligent, loving whole. You are not an isolated island, but a vast interconnected being. Depression leaves you temporarily unable to sense this interconnection. It is as though you are under heavy clouds. Though you may be looking for the sun, you cannot see its…

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  8. YEM Inspiration

    Make room for your  true nature.

  9. Parvati World - Heal Depression Through Honesty - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    How Honesty Can Help You Find Freedom From the Weight of Depression

    In light of what is going on in the world today, as people break into rage at injustices, out of lockdown in rebellion, or feel paralyzed or depressed in the face of the extraordinary disbalance in our world, we need to ask what cultivating inner peace looks like. Recently, we have been considering how anger’s explosive energy, when acted out externally or stuffed down internally, ravages our lives and those of others. But there is another, more passive way that we can suffer and feel disconnected from the moment. When we ignore or judge what we are feeling, we often find ourselves sinking into depression. This week, we will look at that more deeply, as we consider depression’s passive, heavy energy and how we can find relief. The primary focus here is the occasional depression that we can all feel from time to time. Clinical depression is a mood disorder for your doctor to diagnose, and requires medical attention. Yet whether you suffer from a medical condition or a passing case of the blues, we can explore together the landscape of depression with care and attention, on top of any additional support you may be receiving for your particular situation. When we are depressed, we become listless, and have difficulty activating. Why do we get depressed?…

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  10. YEM Inspiration

    Stand on the solid ground of inner peace.