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  1. Three Ways to Expand Your Perspective Toward Forgiveness - Parvati, Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    To Forgive, Begin with These Three Steps to See the Situation in a New Light

    How do you forgive when you feel hurt? Last week, I shared some of what I have learned about the process of forgiveness. This week, I would like to begin to share some practical steps you can take to find forgiveness that I will reveal over the coming weeks. They begin with the willingness to see your situation in a new light. As I look at the window after my morning meditation today, I see the array of patterns in the sky, as millions of fluffy snowflakes float to the ground. It is the first snowfall that I have seen this year and it brings with it a delight that invokes the childlike quality of wonder and awe. Just as we each are, every snowflake is unique. This reminds me that though we all share similar qualities with each other, such as the need for love or the fear of being hurt, the way we each express ourselves in the world is uniquely our own. The snow also reminds me of how life is not linear. We may like things to happen in straight lines, but nothing in Nature is that way. In a similar way, most events in our lives are a process with a non-sequential, interwoven quality. Forgiveness is no exception. Though we may…

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  2. How forgiveness heals your old feelings of "not enough" - - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    How Forgiveness Heals Your Old Feelings of “Not Enough”

    While individually and collectively we have faced many challenges in 2020, I take comfort in knowing that interest in forgiveness has increased this year. For example, the Global Forgiveness Initiative reports that their website has had more visitors than ever. People are looking for freedom from pain. But what is forgiveness, really? The topic of forgiveness is so important that I have written a fair bit on it – hence the delay in this particular post. I would like to offer some thoughts on the tender topic of forgiveness together today and over the coming weeks, as we continue to develop our inner peace sanctuary, for a healthy world. I used to deeply struggle with feeling not enough. It gripped my life as a child, as I went to great lengths to seek approval from my parents. As a student, it fueled my desire to be at the top of my class in every subject, and the inevitable depression that would follow, should I feel I was anything less than perfect. As a spiritual aspirant, it has made me want to attain an unnatural, idealized state of being—a compulsion that has caused me immense suffering. As a person, it has been at the root of all my fears and doubts in myself and in the basic…

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  3. Remember that everyone just wants to be loved, and is afraid they won't be. - Parvati, Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    After the Polls Close, Reclaim Your Power to Vote for Love in Every Moment

    Now that one of the most bitter elections in American history, watched by the whole world, draws to a close, where do we go from here? Even as many are celebrating now with joy and relief, others are disappointed and angry. Beneath all this, there is a deep pain of antagonism that seems to pervade our atmosphere as our minds are heated and our hearts hard. Can you feel it too? I believe the pain we are all in cannot be assuaged by simply changing the person in power. The challenges we face go deeper than that. Our leaders reflect the collective mindset of our society. This is not simply about the people who voted for them. It is about a more profound truth. Those who rise to power are embodiments of something within our shared societal and personal consciousness. We have the chance then to practice self-honesty and compassion and ask ourselves what that may be showing us about our own choices. We must ask ourselves what it is we are voting for, not just at the ballot box, but in every moment. Regardless of the state of our democracy, each of us has the extraordinary power of choice. Are we using it to amplify love, compassion and peace? Or are we using it to…

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  4. How Love Transforms Ourselves and Our World When We Understand What It Really Is - Parvati, Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    How Love Transforms Ourselves and Our World When We Understand What It Really Is

    What is love? Is it the butterflies in our stomach we may get when thinking about someone? Is it a sentimental feeling about an adorable child? Or is it something beyond these? What can love do that our regular will cannot, and how do we access and live by that power? There is a poignant quote by Amma, the founder of the international charity Embracing the World: “In today’s world, people experience two types of poverty: the poverty caused by lack of food, clothing and shelter, and the poverty caused by lack of love and compassion. Of these two, the second type needs to be considered first, because if we have love and compassion in our hearts, then we will wholeheartedly serve those who suffer from lack of food, clothing and shelter.” These words deeply inspire the music and written work I do for GEM: Global Education for MAPS, as well as the approach I take in building and leading teams to swiftly realize MAPS. The sobering truth is that our world is overheating, agitated and polluted not just because of our external actions. These outer gestures reflect our inner world. As we look deeper, we discover that we live in a world with great need because our hearts and minds are overheated, agitated and polluted.…

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  5. See the good in everyone including yourself - Parvati, Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary free online workshop

    Heal Hearts, Cool Minds, and Clarify Your Vision by Seeing Your Own Goodness

    “When we see others as the enemy, we risk becoming what we hate. When we oppress others, we end up oppressing ourselves. All of our humanity is dependent upon recognizing the humanity in others.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu How can we respond to the intensity of anger and polarization in our world today and remain in a place of courageous presence? Dissention seems to be all around us: in the news, on our social media, and in the streets. If we are not mindful, this intensity can heat our minds, harden our hearts, and close our eyes to the needs, feelings, and inherent goodness in others. Now more than ever, we need cool minds and warm hearts to respond to our collective crisis. How do we cultivate our inner peace sanctuary so that we may act with compassion in a hurting world? With one of the most globally watched elections taking place soon, and a pandemic whose prevention may feel increasingly burdensome, how do we cross the chasm we may sense between ourselves and others? It begins by seeing the good in everyone. This is not a naïve choice, but a sober, practical and wise one, based on Nature herself. Several years ago, a shy friend told me that she felt relaxed, alive, and connected when…

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  6. Finding your inner peace sanctuary with self-confidence:

    Recharge Your Self-Confidence by Saying Yes to the Light of Your Soul

    This week, I would like to share a guided visualization you can do any time. It cultivates courage and confidence. It strengthens your emotional resourcefulness as you face doing something new. It helps you take stock of where you are stuck. And it offers you support to step past your comfort zone while building your self-trust.

  7. 4 Ways to Stay Confident in Challenging Times - Parvati - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    Four Ways to Stay Confident in Challenging Times

    How do we maintain self-confidence or inner peace in a world where the “like” button seems to have become a measure of our value? I recently saw an exceptional documentary called “The Social Dilemma” that shared a staggering statistic: since 2013 when smartphones became widely available, suicide in girls between the age of 10 and 14 has risen by 189%. The world is intense right now. There is a heavy energy present that I call undertow. It is as though a tide pulls at us with a hungry desire for us to get absorbed in anxiety and despair. It is everywhere, regardless of whether we use social media. However, apps and websites that cultivate a drive in us to seek attention, connection and validation outside ourselves can fuel this undertow, leaving us more miserable than ever. Feeling deeply moved by the devastating rise in suicides and self-harm, I have been working on a new song called “Undertow”, dedicated to MAPS, and have poured love into it to support whoever listens to it to stay afloat, especially in challenging times. I would also like to share the following thoughts with you that you can integrate and share right now to help stay clear from undertow. This Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, my wish for you is that you feel…

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  8. How to Stop Giving Away Your Power and Stand Your Ground in Inner Peace

    Last week, we began to explore what self-confidence really means and how we can experience it in our lives. Healthy self-confidence gives greater presence and meaning to our actions. This gift of a peaceful spirit is rooted in knowing our inherent worth and cultivated through intentional practice to stay connected with that truth. Self-confidence is like a strong and radiant container to hold our vital energies so that we are fully charged, focused and capable, while being respectful with others. If this container weakens, so does our spirit. I invited you last week to consider if there are any ways you are giving your power away. Everyone has this tendency to some extent or other. They are the places from which our self-confidence can ebb. This week, we will explore how to keep this from happening by staying rooted in who we truly are – literally standing our ground. Stand your ground. You may hear the phrase often. Sometimes it is expressed as encouragement to one who too readily gives in and passively allows others to have their way. Other times, we might speak of standing our ground when we feel shaken by adversity or attack. We may stand our ground to defend what feels like our own, to lay claim to territory and assert our…

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  9. Parvati - The Sweetness of Self-Confidence - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    Being Your Most Natural Self: the Sweetness of Self-Confidence

    Each of us has the potential for peak moments. With all sense of resistance, fear, and doubt dissolved, we are completely present and engaged with what is before us. We stand in our most natural self, fully alive to the now. Athletes and artists know this place when they are surrendered to their task and time dissolves, the sense of separateness is gone and all that exists is the perfection of what is. Lovers touch this place when life feels as though million-watt bulbs were just turned on and everything bloomed into technicolour. Heroes live this when they throw all caution to the wind and dive into a seemingly impossible situation, experiencing the momentary death of their ego, expanding into the realm of eternal possibility. In it is the source of true self-confidence. What is self-confidence? It is our certitude in our ability to discern or act. In self-confidence, we are no longer participating in internal conflicts such as doubt or fear. As we stand in inner peace, our actions can take on that potency that awes us in those peak moments. So how do we experience that? When my grandmother was on her deathbed, I asked her what the meaning of life was. She said to me so wisely: “It is all about being yourself.…

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  10. inherent worth. – 72 • How to develop healthy self-esteem and revel in the light you are - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary - Parvati

    How to Develop Healthy Self-Esteem and Revel in the Light You Are

    There is a beautiful quote by the Sufi poet Hafiz, “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” It speaks to how we strangely get caught up in negative or ungrounded ideas of ourselves and need to return to a healthy sense of self-esteem. This week, we will explore why this is key to our inner peace and how to know our inherent value. Imagine that you found your friend depressed or even crying, lamenting, “My face is covered with warts. They’re so ugly and I can’t get rid of them.” But when you look at your friend, their face is perfectly normal, with not a wart in sight. You can’t understand why they are so upset about something that is not real. No matter what you do to try to convince them that they don’t have warts all over their face, they are adamantly convinced that they do. Seems far-fetched, doesn’t it? The funny thing is, many of us are prone to this tendency in a more subtle way. When I look at people, I see their inherent luminosity and capability. Each one of us is beautiful in our own unique way. We are each magnificent, perfectly interconnected within the fabric of life.…

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