About Parvati

Conceived in a field of snow angels in Montreal and escorted into this world on New Year’s Eve by a doctor in a tuxedo, Parvati is dedicated to help everyone celebrate the gift of being alive. A force of Nature with immense cardinal energy hard-wired to serving all beings, she is a chart-topping, award-winning musician, author, yogi, activist, editor-in-chief of Parvati Magazine and CEO of an all-volunteer multinational NGO—and more.

She writes, performs and produces texturally rich pop songs, powerhouse dance anthems, and etheric and luminous albums. Shining with five-octave angelic vocals, her music carries a profound and timeless message that inspires joy, love, awe, peace, and an irrevocable sense of belonging within a magnificent universe.

Parvati has twice risen to #1 in the Canadian electronica charts. Her debut pop single has featured to millions across Asia on Asia Pop 40 and Vietnam’s YAN TV. She has performed on both sides of the Atlantic at such notable venues as New York City’s Madison Square Garden and Earl’s Court, London. Her fantastical costumes and thematic stage performances have captured the imagination of Cirque du Soleil’s creative directors. Parvati can’t wait to rejoin people live and in person on tour.

Parvati says all her work rests on the solid foundation of dedicated meditation and yoga practices. She is the co-founder of the Active Integration Holistic Education program at the University of Toronto and founder of YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine, a gentle yet powerful practice that blends chi-energy movement with yoga poses.

Whether she is singing, performing, teaching, or speaking, as a powerful force of nature, Parvati’s presence brings to life a brilliant field of interconnection, and a clear message of love for self, others and our planet. She has appeared on radio and television shows such as Entertainment Tonight, BPM TV and CBC, music publications including the cover of Cashbox, and health and wellness magazines all over the world.

During an unusually hot summer in Toronto, Parvati was about to do a concert tour in Asia, but she kept having a dream of lying on ice, while a blue whale swam below. Postponing a planned musical tour, she heeded the summons to selfless action and travelled instead to the North Pole where she gave the northernmost musical performance ever, to raise awareness of the melting Arctic Ocean and our interconnection with all life. In a remote Northern village, two Inuit elders greeted her: “You are the one who has come to do healing for the planet. We knew you were coming. The whale told us.”

Two years later, in Miami at the end of a US tour, she went to the ocean to thank it for its support. While she swam, several bottlenose dolphins approached her as if in gratitude and knowing.

Now, in service to all creatures on Earth, she is the founder and CEO of the all-volunteer international nonprofit Parvati Foundation dedicated to a healthy world. Through it, she is spearheading the transformation of international law with MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, to make the Arctic Ocean the largest protected area in history and respond to the greatest challenges we face today, such as poverty, war, mass extinction, ecosystem collapse and an overheated world choking on carbon emissions. Her own innate knowing of Nature’s intelligence continues to guide her decisions.