The Best of 2015 at Parvati.TV

BY Parvati

Hello friends,
As I post, many of the holiday activities have subsided, though in the traditional calendar we are actually just part way through the Twelve Days of Christmas. New Year’s Eve is coming up, which also happens to be my birthday. (Yes, I was escorted into the world by a doctor wearing a tuxedo, called away from his New Year’s Eve celebrations!) I hope you are continuing to enjoy the light and love of this time of year, whether you are spending time on your own or connecting with friends and family. Mostly, I hope that you feel connected to celebrating the birth of the Divine that takes place in every moment. May this be the foundation for a truly inspired 2016 for you.
As I look back, I see that 2015 has flown by. I guess the saying is true: “time flies when you are having fun.” It has been a big and very full year for me.
My musical world has been rich with expression. We wrapped up the multilingual versions of Yoga In the Nightclub music video; I composed a new radio single “I Am Light” and co-directed its deliciously fun music video – then, as interest built in its release, I started work on an EP to accompany the single! We have made headway into the Asian market as we prepare for the “I Am Light” and “Yoga Bomb” tour there and through Europe and North America this year. All this has taken place upon the foundation of a very comprehensive and well loved new website.
The foundation for the Asian tour has meant the official launch and more exposure for my two YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine products – a DVD and CD. To help with the launch, we are currently translating aspects of YEM into other languages. This is very exciting!
We have also been busy creating content for Parvati TV. We have been shooting lots of quality footage that includes yoga and meditation instruction, talks on I Am presence, music snippets of behind the scenes fun, and episodes on positive possibilities living. 2016 will see a strong build of all of this loved – and free! – content.
As though that were not keeping us busy enough, I felt a strong inner calling at the end of 2014 from the Arctic, the Arctic Ocean and the magnificent whales that call it home. In response, 2015 has seen the launch of, a not for profit organization that focuses on protecting the Arctic Ocean. We immediately started a petition to hold oil companies accountable and to help stop planned seismic testing in the Arctic. We wrote and distributed an international treaty to 200 world leaders to declare MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. We were represented at the Climate Conference in Paris and have already received confirmations regarding the treaty. In addition, a group of us became Climate Reality Leaders, trained by former US Vice President Al Gore himself, and are committed to bringing more awareness about the need to protect our environment from climate change.
In the realm of words, this year we have seen several new print and digital publications of my writing on yoga and life in the positive possibilities. We have also been building the reach of Parvati Magazine with excellent monthly writers. Many of you have asked about my book “Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie”. It will be released in 2016! As you can see, there has been lots of activity in 2015. The book is strong, powerful and truly fabulous, so it deserves to have its own voice, take up space and have a proper launch. This takes time. So we are planning this properly for 2016. To whet your appetite for it, early this year, I will be launching a e-course based on the book. Stay tuned!
As the year draws to a close, I would like to thank you from my heart for your readership and give back to you what you have given me. Here are the top ten posts on this blog that you loved the most:

  1. The War Within and the Eternal Light

Image credit: Alice Popkorn
“We collectively face rampant issues of war, poverty, unrest and suffering, yet do we not easily forget about the magnitude of this suffering? Syrians have been fleeing their homeland by the hundreds of thousands for four years now, yet how many of us have given this crisis more than a moment’s thought until recently? And when we think about it, how do we perceive the fleeing and the attackers?”
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  1. Being in the Wake of Violence, Part 1

Parvati | Being in the Wake of Violence, Part 1
Image credit: Angela Marie Henriette
“To even consider that any painful act done in ignorance by another is in any way our fault harms ourselves even more fully. It would allow the abuser’s pain to seep into our deeper selves.”
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  1. Play Small or Rest in the Love that Already Is

Parvati | Play Small, Or Rest in the Love that Already Is
Image credit: Michael Korchia
“It is hard to know that your true nature is love and that you are loved if you feel powerless by believing that life is happening to you. So to rest in the love that already is, you need to come to a place of sincere willingness to experience the possibility of love – even if you may not see or experience it yet. This requires being open to the notion that the way you perceive may not be completely accurate. It is, after all, only a passing, limited perception, tainted by your beliefs and biases. It is not absolute.”
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  1. You’re The First to Know – YEM CD and DVD

“While I was learning and practicing yoga in India, I had a near death experience that changed my life forever. It amplified the intuitive skills I have had since I was a child and confirmed that we are so much more than physical beings. YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine came to me effortlessly as I honoured a natural arising of energy through my body that was showing me that what I am is far beyond my limited ego or will. I was one with this life force energy.
I brought these insights to serve students in the yoga classes that I taught, and clients in the intuitive healing sessions I facilitated. I was overjoyed with the way this work touched people and provided lasting benefit as they were able to enjoy life more fully.”
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  1. Glimpses from the Enchanted Forest

Natamba with light at the tree - I Am Light -
“Here are some more glimpses from I Am Light production. These shots were taken at Sunday night’s shoot in an enchanted forest. The forest inhabitants that I call Yogic Tantric Disco Fairies, become fascinated with my character Natamba, a being of liquid gold light. I am very happy that Natamba has made a comeback in this video!”
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  1. I Am Light

“I love this song and cannot wait to share the music video and the radio edit version of the song with you! The song and video celebrate the luminous nature within each one of us. Here is a little audio sample from the song’s extended mix for you to enjoy, so that you can hear the light sparkles.”
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(Of note, the song has since changed a lot! This version of “I Am Light” will be part of the upcoming EP, but a new radio version, along with the music video, will be released in 2016!)

  1. You Are Sweet Enough

Image credit: Shandi-Lee Cox
“You have the power to stop the addictive sugar cycle you may not realize you are on, and start living the real sweetness of your life. Here are some practical things that you can do immediately to improve the quality of your life.”
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  1. Climate Change and Climate Reality members at Climate Reality Leadership Training in Toronto“At the Climate Reality Leadership Training, it was inspiring to be around Al Gore’s passion and innate understanding of how precious this planet is. I have greatly admired his work for many years now. He has shown extraordinary resilience, poise, courage and presence in the face of years of adversity. During the couple of days I was in his presence, he repeatedly illustrated that he is a true light warrior. He encouraged us to practice understanding, courage, clarity, kindness and forgiveness when we encounter climate change naysayers.”
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  1. Being in the Wake of Violence, Part 2

Parvati | Being in the Wake of Violence, Part 2
“While I lay pinned to the floor, unable to breathe, my attacker’s arms tightly braced around my neck, I saw with hyper-real clarity through the words he shouted in my face: ‘I know there is a demon in you!’
At that time, I was practicing Tonglen, a Tibetan Buddhist technique where one breathes in the suffering of others and exhales a wish for happiness to all beings. In the moments that seemed like an eternity, I realized that I was about to die.”
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  1. The Gifts of Mercury Retrograde

Parvati | The Gifts of Mercury Retrograde “So what is Mercury Retrograde all about? Is it real or is it a bunch of – what I used to call (until I let go and opened to a bigger picture) – ‘astro-babble’?”
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I hope you enjoy revisiting or discovering these posts for the first time!
For those of you who are preparing New Year’s resolutions at this time, I invite you to visit my two-part series on How to Succeed at Your New Year’s Resolution.
Thank you for being part of making 2015 a juicy, joy-filled year for me. Lots of great things to come in 2016!
May your 2016 be abundant in all things in the positive possibilities. May it be rooted, vital and expansive, effervescent and clear. Keep shining!
Until next time,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are ONE Earth family.