All Is Yoga

BY Parvati

That which we see and experience as life is pure consciousness arising. I find the space to witness that arising in my meditation practice. My spiritual practice is the source of wealth and richness in my life. It is what brings and nourishes my experiences of joy, ease, rooted expansion and abundance.
The words I share in this blog are to me like light sprinklings, the flutter from the joy I feel in my practice. All entries may not be about joy per se, but they will be a reflection of my inner world, which is fueled by my spiritual practice.
The creative impulse and expression that move through me, be it in song, writing, composing, producing or performing are also a reflection of my practice. They arise and descend through this body/being in the internal/external experience of space developed in meditation practice… in that which is. Through this “isness” arises a creative voice, to which I am of service.
To me, all is Yoga. There is no separation. All situations and circumstances in my daily life are opportunities for transcendent awakening and the flowering into “I am” consciousness. It is not to say that I continually meet those opportunities. At times I do. At times I don’t. The more I practice being open, ready and willing to be here, to be now, the more I do. It is not to say that all I encounter is sweet and lovely. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is not.  The more I meet this moment, the sweeter whatever I find feels because in that moment, I find life itself.
Yet what I perceive to be sweet or not, ultimately does not matter. It is not my job to determine what the nature of reality is, to try to label it or catagorize it, fix or arrange it. It is my job simply to meet that which is. Through the courage to meet that which is, expansion occurs. That which was sweet, sour, salty, pungent or bitter becomes fuel for transformation into I Am consciousness, returning to the One. When I practice non-resistance to what is, I awaken to the jewels of this moment. I learn to allow myself to expand and meet this present moment, rather than contract, run and hide from it.
I share in my song “Open To This Love” on my show and upcoming album “Natamba” some words about this process. I sing: “The present is the present, depending on intention. Take the dare and be aware of how deeply you do care. Believe and conceive. Surely you’ll receive. Feel the joy even cry. There are no reasons why. Just open.”
May all beings be well. May all be happy. May all be at peace. May all be free.
Om Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu
Om Shanti, shanti, shanti
Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha
Hari Om