Speaking Up About Arctic Seabed Bombing

BY Parvati

This has been a busy week full of surprises. I was not expecting, while moving to the finish line on launching a new website, to start a not for profit organization. (The website looks amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you!) Such unexpected events help to keep us in touch with our purpose, in alignment with our soul voice, when we are willing to meet them fully.
When I learned a week ago that the Canadian government has given clearance for oil companies to bomb the seabed of the Arctic Ocean, I felt profoundly shaken in the depth of my being. I could sense the Great Blue Whale totem animal, that drew me on my North Pole journey and that guided the powerful healing that followed, echoing through me with a resounding NO! I knew immediately that the sonic effect of these blasts would kill the magnificent whales and sea creatures.
Before the oceans were permeated with ship traffic noise, the sounds emitted by whales were heard as far as four thousand miles away. On a particularly quiet day, tones would only have become inaudible after thirteen thousand miles – more than the diameter of the Earth.
We cannot even begin to understand the subtlety of such communication – nor the harm we do on a day-to-day basis through travel, shipping, ocean exploitations, the boom of jet planes, the emission of wireless signals… and now it is ok to bomb the ocean bed? What living being could sustain such sonic blasts – let alone beings that communicate via sonar?
In response, I have initiated a movement and reached out to friends who share the concern to start a not-for-profit organization and activate a campaign to ensure that these bombings never occur and that the ocean and its inhabitants are protected.
Here is more about the situation:
We will be joining efforts with existing organizations and campaigns. If you have not yet signed these petitions, please do so:
As we form our not-for-profit, we need assistance in the form of research into the mid-sized commercial companies tied to the mega global corporations that are invested in profiting from this exploitation of the Arctic seabed. Please contact me directly at my new .org email address,, if you would like to be involved in any way. No support is too great or too small.
In the meantime, I have drafted a letter to send to our Prime Minister Stephen Harper on this matter.

Dear Mr. Harper,

I voice here a very strong NO to the proposed seismic testing that you have permitted off the coast of Clyde River in Baffin Bay and Davis strait. As such, I write in solidarity with the community of Clyde River, Nunavut, in Canada’s Arctic – and as one who has traveled to the high Arctic and spent time among the Inuit.

I am very clear that this project simply must not go through. To that end, I am part of a group that is currently founding a not-for-profit with the intention to actively work to ensure the health of our oceans and our future. It is a violation of the natural laws that govern us all that marine mammals and other wildlife face the possibility of permanent physical damage, even death, as a result of this industrial activity. We must not open ourselves up to more potential oil spills that would hurt our oceans, and us in turn. We must not allow oil companies to continue on a destructive path that upsets our ecosystem, kills ocean life, and damages our communities forever.

Allowing seismic testing and offshore drilling in the Arctic shows a tremendous lack of insight into, and subsequent respect for, our ecosystem and our essential interconnection with nature. It also shows profound lack of foresight. What we do today creates our tomorrow. May we make choices now that always consider the good of all. This is the true bottom line.

The proposed bombing of the Arctic Ocean seabed goes against everything that I believe we as humans are called to be: wise and compassionate. Please put an immediate end to seismic testing and ban all offshore drilling in Canada’s Arctic.

Not only do I urge you to stop this in Canada, but I ask that you find the inner courage, resources and wisdom to demonstrate to other world leaders and corporations that you understand that greed is a virus that kills – not only animals, but us as a human race – because we are all connected. Any activity that harms nature harms us and is anti-life as a whole and as such is not an option.

If we as a society feel the need to harm nature and the animals to access oil, it is a sign that it is time to seek alternate energy sources to fuel our economy. I urge you to be a leader in the gross global shortsightedness regarding the Arctic. Instead of joining the world-wide epidemic of unsustainable consumerism, I ask that you use the reality of the melting polar ice caps as an opportunity to springboard a very different kind of action: redirect the focus from dwindling known energy resources towards developing and producing alternate, sustainable means. There are many. But they do not get the support they deserve because of our investment in a vanishing – and limited – oil supply.

In the name of those who cannot speak, the animals of the land you govern in democracy, the children yet unborn who will inherit this Earth and the problems we leave them, I urge you to take a stand and bring Canada back to being an environmental global leader. What happens in the Arctic affects us all. Act now to stop seismic testing. Invest in a healthy and sustainable Arctic and a healthy and safe future for our planet and all living things. There is no other rational way.


Parvati Devi


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