Ask Parvati 22: It's A Spiritual Life – Part 3, Living A Spiritual Life

BY Parvati

(Continued from “We Are Divine”)
We tend to use the word “spiritual” loosely, easily, and often. But what does being “spiritual” mean? The root of the word is spirit, that which is eternal and non-physical. So to be spiritual is to invite the infinite, non-formed spirit into our lives, into our field of awareness. To be spiritual is to dissolve our illusion of duality, the illusion of separation, the illusion that our ego is in control.
Living a spiritual life involves both surrender and discipline. We must cultivate humility so we may let go of thinking we are in charge and have it all figured out. When we empty ourselves, we receive. When we open, we are fulfilled. When we give, we get.
It requires discipline to train our awareness to see the divine in all. Our habit is to feel disconnected and against what is. We tend to feel lack, so we must strive. We tend to push, fight, rush and constrict due to a deep sense of wanting. Spiritual living requires a complete inner and outer world view retraining, so that we may learn through a quiet mind and open heart, to serve, to love, and truly live.
Our lives are the sum of our choices. What we experience is a reflection of our thoughts, which fuel our actions. If we want to live a spiritual life, if we wish for grace, we must be willing to make spiritual choices.
Spiritual choices come from developing spiritual attributes, such as kindness, understanding, compassion, generosity, love, and selflessness. As spiritual aspirants, we learn to see all in our life as an opportunity to grow, to love, and to serve.
Becoming spiritually aware, we begin to see all that this moment brings as prasad, a blessing from the divine. We may or may not like what this moment brings. That does not matter. What matters is our willingness to learn from what is, and fully open to this moment. In so doing, our ego dissolves and we discover our true, infinite, divine nature.
(Continues tomorrow with “Commitment and Courage”)