Ask Parvati 24: Astrology and the Power of the Planets – Part 7: Saturday, the Day of Saturn

BY Parvati

(Continued from Friday: The Day of Venus)
Saturn Parvati Devi
Today is Saturday, the day associated with the planet Saturn. Saturn rules Capricorn, the Mountain Goat. Its metal is lead and the colors it relates to best are black, dark brown and other dark colours.
Saturn is associated with the Roman deity Saturn and the Greek God Cronus, Father Time. In Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of agriculture, founder of civilizations and of social order, and conformity. The Hindus call Saturn Shani, meaning “one who moves slowly”.
Saturn is traditionally associated with limitations, restrictions, boundaries, practicality, reality and structures. Saturn governs ambition, career, authority and hierarchy, and conforming to social structures. It is related to a person’s sense of duty, discipline and responsibility, and their ability to endure during hardships.
Saturn is also considered to represent the part of a person concerned with long-term planning and building. Medically, this structurally conscious planet is associated with the spleen, the bladder, bones, teeth, and knees.
Saturn usually refers to deep karma and lessons that we need to be learned. The planet presents us with the very obstacles necessary for growth. Challenging and strict, Saturn is a taskmaster and will not leave us alone until we learn the lessons we must in order to progress and find our life path.
Today, see if you can see obstacles and restriction as Saturn providing you with an opportunity to grow and learn. Wear a dark colour to honour this strict teacher in your life. Opportunity is available to those who are willing to learn through the lessons of life.
Each day of the week, may you celebrate the pantheon of colours and energies of which we are a part, by acknowledging our dynamic universe and all its varied, beautiful planets.