Ask Parvati 26: Follow Your Bliss – Part 4, Facing Adversity

BY Parvati


(Continued from Managing Fear And Doubt)

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” – Joseph Campbell

There is a reason that Star Wars and the Matrix were such popular movies. We can relate to and feel inspired by the power of the characters that felt a calling and overcame obstacles to live their highest good and serve the highest good of all. The story of the hero’s journey is not new, but an ancient archetype that weaves through many cultures around the world. If you wish to live your bliss, this is the journey you must take.

Even when we let go of the voices that keep us small and muster the courage to go for the things that make us feel alive, we inevitably meet challenges along our path to wholeness. It would be great if all we had to do is ‘go for it’ and suddenly all lights were green. Along the path, we meet test and distractions that attempt to pull us away from our journey. But just like the fear and doubt, adversity is not ultimately “bad”. If we are wise and sober, it brings us closer to our soul purpose.

When we first heard the call of our soul, we needed to face the voices of fear and doubt that told us we couldn’t and shouldn’t. As we move more deeply into alignment with our soul voice, sometimes the road gets tougher and darker before it gets easier and lighter. On the hero’s journey, the hero must face his/her shadow to find wholeness. So too, we are tested in the process of becoming our fullest selves.

I do not believe that adversity is a problem or a sign from the universe that we are off path. Sometimes New Age teachings oversimplify life into, “if it’s all fluid, then you are doing well, and if it is challenging, then you are not in alignment.” You may feel challenged when you meet adversity, but I do not believe it is a sign that you have taken a wrong turn. Only when we face our fears will we be free from them. Only when we stop fighting the dark, will we no longer be afraid to be the light we are.

Nor do I believe it is a good idea to passively let adversity steamroll over us and take the wind out of our sails. We wobble. We fall. We get up. We start again. We learn to be both humble and powerful, because we are aligned not to our personal will but to our soul. Through tests, we learn to honour the voice of our soul, which is connected to the divine source of infinite power.

The very love and spark and deep passion that made us start our journey in the first place is the source to which we return again and again. We may feel afraid. That is ok. We may feel challenged and unsure how to make it through. That is ok. Beyond the doubts and the fears, stronger than the power of the obstacles, we learn to touch with confidence the reality that we are guided, that we are not alone, that we are loved. Though the dark may scare us, we know we are beings of light.

Adversity does not make us stronger, in terms of our ability to push at life with more determination. Pushing only leads to a push back, as the universe must maintain balance. Adversity calls us to connect more deeply to our truth and let go of the temptation to get caught up in anger, fear, doubt, shame, rage and despair. Instead, adversity is an invitation from the universe to resource our energies with discernment, to use them wisely so that we may keep focused on our purpose and on our highest good.

Adversity will come. Obstacles will come. Tests will come. But so too will the help, the angels, the mentors, our very own support crew. The universe conspires to support our greatest joy. In this we will learn to believe. We have to put ourselves out there to discover that our dreams are indeed possible.

(Continues tomorrow with Priorities, Focus And The Unexpected)