Ask Parvati 38: Finding Centre in the Busy Day – Part 2: Where Do I Hold Tension? What Do I Feel?

BY Parvati

Whether we admit it or not, we are all sensitive, organic creatures that live in a fast-paced world. We can easily feel broadsided by noises and accosted by the speed by which our society moves.  
I recently realized that the tension in my face increases when I drive. I love driving and never realized it actually stresses me out a bit – until one day, when I was a passenger with an excellent driver. In the quiet of my seat, I noticed that I was getting tense. I had just come from an osteopathic session that left me feeling particularly present and open. I saw how the speed of the drive felt overwhelming for me at that time. I noticed how my visual focus was slightly blurred and the muscles around my eyes and jaw were becoming tense. When I tuned in, I found that I wanted the car to slow down. I was feeling afraid, having a hard time processing all that was passing by at such speed. I wanted to get out and walk, touch the ground, be at a different, more natural rhythm. 
We unavoidably are part of the this fast-paced world that tends to ramp up the speed at this time of year as we move into holiday time. But it does not need to be a time that we lose our focus on the flow of pure consciousness or that we lose our meditation practice. The speed of life offers us many opportunities to go inward and find out what we are really feeling. 
Instead of seeing life as adverse, the flow of things too fast, use this day as an opportunity to notice what you feel. First start with noticing how you physically feel in situations. Where do you hold tension? What is that tension saying? Can you honour that voice, spoken through your body, and live in greater balance?  
Perhaps that voice is asking you to get out of the shopping mall and take a few breathes of fresh air. Perhaps it says that you need to plow through a crowd. Perhaps it offers you inner wisdom to skip a party and take a bath instead. Whatever you need, tune into it. Allow your body to be your best friend, a barometer for how you are feeling and responding to any given situation.  
Today, ask yourself: “Where do I hold tension?” Watch what arises and practice making friends with your body. Listen to the wisdom and respect what you hear. 
Then go a little deeper. At any time through out this day, ask yourself the following: “What am I feeling?”
Go inside, and be honest with yourself. Allow yourself to receive yourself. Because our ego is very externally driven, these kind of internally sensitive questions help us to tap into a bigger picture beyond our ego. Ask yourself this question several times today and see what comes up. Tomorrow is another day, and I will offer other tips on finding your way to your inner home throughout the day. 
More food for thought tomorrow.
Enjoy the gift of this day.