Ask Parvati 38: Finding Centre in the Busy Day – Part 3: Seeing Others As A Reflection Of Yourself

BY Parvati

I shared in last week’s blog how it is easy to point fingers at others and criticize people for their shortcomings while overlooking our own. How quickly we forget that we too can fly into a rage, call people nasty names, judge, or take our feelings inappropriately out on those around us when hurtful things may be directed our way. We are all imperfect, evolving beings just finding our way through life.


As you move through the day today, practice seeing others as a reflection of yourself. Practice putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. See if you can do this before you may habitually react either by thinking or doing things that are less than divine.


Our ego will try to convince us that what we perceive as outside ourselves has nothing to do with us. But at its root, life is one flow of pure consciousness, arising. We are not separate but in a oneness flow. So see if you can see others as a part of yourself or as a reflection of yourself. Notice that street person who is asking for change and know that you too could be there. And perhaps, in some ways, you are. Perhaps there are parts of yourself that you have abandoned and ways in which you feel hopeless, a beggar, just like the way that person on the street may feel. Look for connections and similarities, rather than divisions and differences. We are part of one Earth family. I do believe we are far more similar than different.


Today, ask yourself, “In which way am I like this person?”


More mindfulness tips tomorrow.

Enjoy each precious moment of this day,