Ask Parvati 38: Finding Centre in the Busy Day – Part 4: Seeing All As A Reflection of The Divine

BY Parvati

I believe that prayers are always answered, just not always the way we think they will be. We ask for help getting over our tendency to feel angry and have outbursts. Next thing you know, a really irritating person has arrived in your life and you repeatedly blow up. We think the Divine will just take away our problems, when in fact, we have to do the work. We get that irritating person to practice letting go of anger.


You may pray for a raise at work and instead of getting more money, you get fired, only to then find that you really did not like your job anyway and want to start your own company and end up earning far more than you had ever imagined. What first seemed like the opposite of what you wanted, ends up being better than what you had asked for.


Grace always is. It is everywhere, in everything. We can walk through our days, habitually numbed out, feeling hard done by and seeking love externally. Or we can open to the possibility of always being supported.


Today, when you practice, begin thankful for everything that happens. Grace is at work, even when you don’t see or understand it. Stay open to what is and receive this moment. Miracles are everywhere.


More tips tomorrow.

Enjoy this day,