Awakening into Connection

BY Parvati

Image credit: Giuseppe Chirico

After repeated requests from many of my yoga students and teacher colleagues, I composed an album to support the practice of yoga. The music on Electro Yog naturally follows the arc of a one-hour yoga class, without lead vocals to compete with the instructor’s voice.
We are redesigning the Positive Possibilities online store, but it is still open for any purchases you may like to do. If you feel so moved, you can purchase Electro Yog there now for yourself or for someone you love. It is great for yoga and Pilates teachers, people practicing at home, or anyone who enjoys ambient music and movement. Electro Yog will officially launch it soon. But as a thank you for reading my blog, I offer you the opportunity to pick up your copy ahead of time. You can also get it here on my ever evolving website, where I am now posting weekly Positive Possibilities reminders. You may wish to sign up for these and get notified when they are posted.
Yesterday, I stepped out of my music studio where I am working on an acoustic version of my upcoming radio single “I Am Light” to participate in the Distilling and Refining your Approach to Speaking about Climate Change workshop offered by Climate Reality Project Canada. It was led by Aryne Sheppard, Senior Public Engagement Specialist from the David Suzuki Foundation and founder of
Aryne led an insightful exploration through our personal values and how they influence the way we perceive and how we make choices. When we understand what people value, we become better listeners, more effective communicators and build deeper connections. The exercise she offered highlighted what an excellently skilled salesman friend of mine once said to me: you can always find points of connection even between the most seemingly different people.
Several times during the workshop, I experienced a surge of heat moving up my spine, something that happens from time to time, as I have shared in my blog post The Unstoppable Force. This movement of energy has increased tremendously since my experience in the Arctic, with the blue whale and through my spinal healing.
The wave-like spinal energy, whether it expresses itself vigorously or subtly, lets me know that I must pay attention. It tells me that I am experiencing a re-alignment with nature, my soul purpose, and how these are interconnected.
As Aryne shared her insights, an internal message became clearer to me. I need to express more widely my cellular knowing of our innate state of interconnection by sharing what I experienced with the blue whale, my spine and my activist work. I am here to inspire others through this collective shift.
Climate crisis provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to go through a fundamental transformation in human consciousness. It is a reflection of our disconnected state of being. The planet will cool as we choose to calm our agitated minds that are filled with overt of covert expressions of fear and wanting. Nature and the greater whole call us through climate change to act only from a state of rooted, vital expansion. Quite simply, this is the most natural and ultimately effortless expression of who we are as glorious human beings.
The shift moves us from experiencing ourselves as disconnected individuals seeking to solve a problem out there that is happening to me or to us, into interconnected beings who know that whatever we choose to think or however we choose to act affects our interconnected whole. Through my own personal transformation, I have come to see that the keys to awakening this innate state of oneness, are gratitude, receptivity and non-resistance to what is.
Aryne spoke about the evolution of social responsibility, how we need to move from the awareness of our ecological footprint to include the understanding of our ecological mindprint. This notion contextualized the waves of energy I was experiencing and the role I play in the shift to an awakened world.
I am honoured to be a Climate Reality Leader, trained by Al Gore himself, and to carry the message that solutions exist to the climate crisis. Climate Reality Leaders are all over the world can give presentations to your school, group or organization to inform and inspire you about climate change and what you can to do stop it now. You can request one at the Reality Hub.
Last week in my blog, I talked about the Canadian federal election taking place on Monday, October 19. I suggested two exercises for people who seek to engage as citizens in yogic presence. Based on the response, I have expanded on this material for a full article which has been published by Elephant Journal! Read on at “Vote Like A Yogi & Find World Peace” at
Even if you have already voted, or if the election is over by the time you read this blog post, the second exercise is useful at any time. This is especially true as we approach the UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Paris November 30-December 11. It is a key time for world leaders to come together and understand the urgency of working together to stop climate crisis and protect our world. As I sang at the North Pole, in my song “You Gotta Believe”, “There’s no better time than this moment we now have to live the way that you want to be.”
There are many opportunities to get involved with the work of, from website development, fundraising or research. Please get in touch with me at if you would like to help protect the vulnerable Arctic ecosystem and stop climate change. If you have not done so already, please sign and share the petitions at
Finally, if you are in Europe or North America, you have the opportunity to spend time receiving the grace and healing energy of a fully awakened master. Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, also known as Amma, is touring Europe now and will be making two stops in North America in November. This week, she is in Paris and Frankfurt. The full list of tour stops is here for Europe. Her fall tour venues are being finalized, but the dates are as follows:
San Ramon, California
November 14th and 15th: Public Programs
November 16th-18th: Retreat
Detroit, Michigan
November 20th evening: Tentative Public program
November 21st: All day Public Program
November 22nd – 24th: Retreat
I make seeing Amma a number one priority in my life. Being in the presence of a master who has moved beyond ego is more refreshing than a million holidays and brighter than the light of the sun. Yes, I love Amma and feel inexplicable gratitude for her presence in my life. Spending time with Amma is more than worth booking a flight or driving for several hours to reach the venue nearest you. It is truly the gift of a lifetime. With grace, I will be with her when she is in Detroit. I hope to see you there!
Until next week,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are ONE Earth Family.