Being In The Flow-ers – Part 1: The Sacred Garden

BY Parvati

I cannot impart how important the force of nature is to me. Nature, the intelligence within it, that is expressed through form as dancing life, is the very nature of my being. It is what fuels my creative work. It is what sparks the delight in my heart. It is what reaches out to serve others. It is what connects. My meditation practice feels a though it springs from the fountain of life-force. Yoga is an expression of that interconnection that already is. We do not need to create it. We need to uncover and remember, cultivate, revere and cherish it. I would like this blog to feel like a garden: joyful, open and alive.


If I could share on this page the delight I feel through inner space of being, and in so doing, inspire you to cultivate that space within your self, then I will have succeeded. Too often we become like talking heads that bob about like flotsam on the deep oceans of life. I want to settle in with you, deeper, into the powerful truths of this moment. For this reason, I want to challenge myself to be more succinct in these coming entries, unlike my past entries that have been longer. I want to provide inspiration and room for contemplation. I also encourage discussion as we move forward on this journey together. So please post your responses here and help create this blog site as a sacred garden where we all feel supported being the flowers we are, so we may come into full bloom together. Let us celebrate our beingnness here together!


I will provide here the occasional video blog to keep our contact real and heartfelt. There is an intimacy, no doubt, to words on a page, and there is also another kind of intimacy in shared visual form.


I ask you to please feel free, should you feel so inspired, to send me an Ask Parvati question as it arises. Since my last post, I have received inquiries about Ask Parvati stopping. No, it is not stopping. Its regularity is changing. I want this page to be organic and flowing. So there will be the occasional Ask Parvati entry here too.


I will also share, over the coming weeks, more about my spiritual practice and the ways I keep rooted in the face of daily challenges. I will share contemplations on sacred texts, video exercises and written muses on meditation, yoga, nature and creativity.


As a beginning to this new phase, let us start with flowers:


My song “Flowers” was inspired from a poem I wrote a long time ago in 1996, intended more as an imaginative children’s story, in the spirit of The Little Prince, rather than an adult piece of prose. Like the Little Prince who has his own planet, in this piece, I celebrate how the whole world is really built on one big flower.



In the beginning and always, there is a flower. This is the most precious flower. From it comes all of life, and all of life is love. This flower is the life-giving flower called love.

Each day, the flower gently opens up its delicate petals to greet the glorious morning sun in all its golden strength. In the soothing new day’s breeze, the sun and the petals dance with the morning dew that has rested in the flower’s heart during the coolness of the evening.

At night, the flower plays with the moon, whose shadows gently crawl over the flower’s petals.

Every day, as the sea rocks with the passing tide when the Earth moves slowly round and round, the moon walks a slightly varied path, that only people who are awake do see.

The stars coo like silver birds floating free in the sea of the milky night sky. They sing gentle, humming melodies, music that fills the dark stillness with warm welcome.

The flower is happy, and so are the people and the animals, because all see the flower’s beauty, like their own beauty, their hearts being like the playful, open flower, listening quietly, lovingly.

Let us walk together into the gentle heart of the flower that calls us, we know, in our dreams and in our days, that calls us to open our tender petal hearts to sing flower wisdom, shared sweet melodies and dance with the universe in the passing life breeze.

Today and every day is flower day, full, open and free.

(Continues tomorrow with “When Push Comes To Shove”)