Being Love Letter

BY Parvati

Dear Friends,
I am pleased to say that the February edition Parvati Magazine is now live. Please enjoy the series of articles in this month’s issue exploring the theme of compassion.
I am also very happy to share that the research team of volunteers has found some clear, hard links illustrating the tie between popular consumer items and large oil companies. (YAY!) To launch our campaign to stop seismic testing in the Arctic Ocean, a bit more research still remains. The clock is ticking, so we need your help. If you can volunteer to do some research, or know someone who can, please contact me at Huge thank you in advance!
As you know, we are also in the midst of a new website build for As part of its rebirth, we are rebranding my blogs with a new name: Being Love Letters. So from now on, I will be referring to my posts as such.
I usually don’t post a Being Love Letter the week the new magazine issue goes live to give you space to enjoy the richness of its contents. I am in the midst of writing some new material as there has been a lot of growth in my life recently. My cup is feeling full and I look forward to sharing here next week!
Until then, enjoy Parvati Magazine. Please share it with your friends. We are always receptive to new writers, so if you or someone you know would be a good fit, please email the managing editor, We would like to share the magazine more widely. If you know of any websites that would like to post its flipbook monthly, please let us know. We are happy to make this content available to you!

JGP_9231__naturalI post a Being Love Letter every Sunday with love. If you have enjoyed this, you may wish to listen to my musical works, check out my upcoming book Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie: A Revolutionary Life Makeover for the Sincere Spiritual Seeker, and find out more about me at
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