Being Part of Something Beautiful

BY Parvati

Hello friends,
I have barely had time to look at the computer this week as we are full tilt on video production. I am currently making a costume for one scene I call “Sci-Fi Disco Heaven” for the Yoga In the Nightclub music video. I think of this costume as a cosmic flower. It will be white pvc and silver organza with boning to make it rigid in places. I thought you might like to see some of the creative process.
Here is the sketch I drew of how I wanted the costume to look.
Here I am developing a pattern piece for the costume from handouts for my YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine workshop. How perfect that it is being built from these on my yoga mat.
Here it is being fitted. And no, the sweatpants are not part of the costume! 🙂
A background in architecture and a love for fashion come in handy!
I would also like to invite you to be a part of the video, to join a project that brings yogic consciousness into the pop mainstream. As you know, my deep love is sharing the amazing gift of this life with others through teaching yoga and writing, producing and performing music that inspires. The intention in making the video is not about seeking accolades, but to spread love and hope, to create positive waves and to offer upliftment globally.

The music industry tells me my song deserves a world-class video: it can be a pop hit. Think about that: A song born in love, surrender and service, created as expressions of a lifetime of sincere yoga practice, has been acknowledged by experts as being a hit. This is an opportunity to help everyone awaken to the beauty and magnificence that lie beyond our everyday assumptions of who we are.

You can be a part of this revolutionary movement. We need karma yogis who are willing to rock a video shoot with as much joy and enthusiasm as they find on their yoga mat. If you can dance, do advanced asanas, direct, do hair or makeup, help with lighting or have other gifts that you can contribute to this work, here is your opportunity to be part of something beautiful. And be transformed.

Jai Ma,