Being Ready for Whatever Comes Your Way

Because Nature is the most loving and co-creative coach you can imagine, it may throw you a metaphorical ball, even if you don’t feel ready to catch it. It does so out of compassion, to help you be in the moment and get unstuck.

We have been exploring here three keys to access Nature’s mentorship: openness, readiness, and willingness. Last week, we looked more closely at openness. This week, let’s gently inquire into how to be ready for whatever comes your way.

Being Ready for Whatever Comes Your Way

We exist within a perfectly balanced, multi-dimensional and loving universe. Yet we tend to continually judge it, because our egos want the moment to be other than it is. We think there is something wrong with what is. It is either too much, or too little in some way or another. We experience the universe as an unfair judge that is imposing itself on us. Feeling that life is happening to us, we judge it in turn.

However, gifted with the power of free will, we are in fact co-creative partners with the universe, and this very moment. We have the invaluable ability to choose how we perceive and respond to all that arises. With this open outlook, we have the opportunity to recognize our misperception. We can let go of imposing our agenda on the moment and receive instead what is with a sense of freshness. When we do so, we readily meet what is. In that state of readiness, we find immense heart and possibility. A whole new world opens up with ease and flow, where before we thought it impossible.

Welcoming The Moment As It Is

Readiness is based on a fundamental understanding that life supports our deepest joy. Just as we would enthusiastically welcome our long-lost friend over for a get-together visit, we can meet the moment with the same preparedness and receptivity. We would not question the love that is present in our reunion with our long-lost friend. We would not impose ideas of how she should be. We would not resist her in judgement. We would be in wonder at her return to our life, and want to know all about how she has been.

Each moment is like the return of our long-lost friend, a visit from the compassionate universe itself. It returns to us to remind us of our interconnection with it. It mirrors the breadth of who we are, the power of our choices and our ability to create magnificence.

The state of the Arctic Ocean came knocking at my door like a long-lost friend who was haggard, road-weary and in deep need of love. I was ready to meet its call to serve it back to health. The moment may not always bring easy news, but it will always be perfectly packaged in such a way as to give us an opportunity to open our hearts more deeply and love more fully. Our state of readiness gives us maximum ability to meet the now with all it brings.

Practice Inner Peace

Between now and next week, please consider the following:

  • Am I ready to welcome this moment as my long-lost friend?
  • What am I resisting in this moment, and how come?
  • What do I feel I get as a payoff for my resistance? Is it truly worth it?
  • What would my life look like if I let go of resistance?
  • What would happen if I chose readiness instead?

If you have been following along for the past few weeks, continue to work with the hourly mindfulness chimes you have created in your schedule to pause, breathe, and practice peace. I use them every hour on the hour throughout the day and love them! Take a moment to settle into the experience of openness and readiness. See if you begin to notice changes in how you relate to the world around you.

From my heart to yours,

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