Carrying the Light of MAPS Through the Dark

BY Parvati

The Courage To Be Your Beautiful Self:

The Legacy of Darcy Belanger

Part 1

Today I would have posted the conclusion in my four-part series on co-creation. But given the devastating news last Sunday of the sudden death of my dear friend and colleague Darcy Belanger, I will be sharing a daily recount of one of the most harrowing and transformative weeks of my life.
I don’t often share publicly the work I do on a daily basis as the founder of and visionary for MAPS, and as the volunteer CEO and Managing Director of our all-volunteer team. Mostly people see me as a touring musical artist and yoga teacher. But my daily work for MAPS also ranges from overarching vision, executive direction, team leadership and motivation, to project management. Since inception in 2014, I put in about 100-120 hours for MAPS every week, as a general baseline. I welcome the workload, being deeply passionate about MAPS and how it supports all life everywhere. Goodness is a tremendous motivator.
Serving MAPS has been the apogee of my life to date. It continually orients me back to gratitude, humility and non-resistance to what is. It asks me to embody the peace sanctuary that we seek to create in the world. MAPS strengthens my connection with my guiding stars of openness, readiness, and willingness to co-create, rooted in understanding our inherent interconnection.
This has been especially true this past week. I have had to continue to carry the light of MAPS through one of the darkest times for me personally and for MAPS, while trying to process the heartbreaking news that Darcy died. He was’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, on his way to the United Nations Environmental Assembly for MAPS via Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 that crashed, with no survivors, on Sunday, March 10, 2019.
My heart has been with Darcy’s immediate family, and his extended family of friends, and the whole team at And of course, with all those who have been affected by the tragic crash. It is impossible to quantify the value of a person’s life. All I know is that Darcy is missed beyond words.
Darcy was a shining light for MAPS. I had only known him for a few months when the vision to travel to the North Pole in 2010, to raise awareness of the melting polar ice, first came to me. Without hesitation, he was all in and chose to support its success in every way he could. When I realized the world needed a treaty to safeguard the Arctic Ocean to protect all life, Darcy immediately understood my vision and my passion to make MAPS a reality for the good of all. Just as Darcy trusted my knowing to see MAPS swiftly realized, I was able to trust him to implement my direction. He was my right-hand man, a force of nature with a tremendous ability to execute efficiently and with heart.
I know that MAPS is a summons from nature itself. I heard the call and I listened. Darcy attuned to it through our friendship. We all can attune to MAPS, because we are one Earth family.
I feel Darcy is still with us, now helping MAPS from the other side. In the magnitude of his sudden exit, it has felt as if he has gone supernova, his light now traveling in all directions to touch us. It is no surprise that this past week has seemed to move at the speed of light, as though I was at the crest of a luminous shockwave. It has also been a week of profound teachings in courage for myself and all of us at
In honour of my dear friend and colleague, the brother I never had, I would like to share short recaps of this past week at the headquarters, so together we can grieve, grow and move forward for MAPS with tremendous courage, Darcy-style.