Celebrating Father's Day, Summer Solstice and International Day of Yoga

BY Parvati

Image Credit: Hartwig HKD

You have at least three good reasons to make this a day of celebrations: Father’s Day, Summer Solstice and International Day of Yoga.
Whether you have sweet or bitter feeling about him, you can likely find some gratitude for your father’s part in bringing you into human form so you could experience the gift of this life. Without him, you would not be breathing –  let alone reading this!
Today in particular, I think lovingly of my dad, Dennis Rose. He was a respected fine artist and portraitist who also ran a multimedia house and graphic design studio first in Montreal, where I grew up, then in Toronto, where we moved when I was halfway through high school.
Gifted with obvious artistic talent recognized at an early age, he won the Elizabeth T. Greenshield’s Memorial Scholarship to study art. He chose the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, England, where he lived and studied for four years.
My father was also very athletic. He loved playing baseball, swimming and cycling. Having three daughters did not stop him from starting his baseball team in Montreal, where we even played outdoors in the winter! Even in his 70s, he thought nothing of cycling from Toronto to Hamilton to have lunch with his brother, and then cycling home or dinner.
Our family conversations often revolved around spirituality and art. Though very open about religious beliefs, my father loved the Bible and Jesus. He woke up every day at 4am to read from the Good Book, meditate, seek guidance for the day and deepen his connection to Christ consciousness.
Though we had our differences as most children have with their parents from time to time, I feel deeply grateful for the father I had, who ultimately was my biggest cheering squad. He was fearless in his expression of love for me and my two sisters, and gave everything he knew how and more to make sure we were happy.
My memories of him are filled with the light from his sparkling blue eyes and expansive laugh. My father had a contagious effervescence and zest for life that could get even the most cynical person smiling. This was one of the great assets he had in his work as an artist: he knew how to sell!
Many of my father’s paintings hang in homes and corporations around the world, in the Ontario Legislature, and at the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto.
My father tragically passed away in an accident a few years ago, but I feel very much that the light of his essence is alive today. Not only in my beautiful niece, his granddaughter, that was born after he passed, but in my sisters, my mother, and all of creation. There is a vitality that is expressed in our inherent connection to nature that is beyond time and not limited to form. It is the stardust of which we are all made.
Whether your dad is with you or not, whether you feel happy about your relationship with him or not, see if you can find some gratitude for the part he did play in bringing you into life. Beyond the temporal and passing nature of personalities, thankfulness and love are all that remains between your eternal light and his. Go there.
I find deep sweetness in the fact that today is not only Father’s Day but also the summer Solstice, a time when the vitality in nature is at its highest. Not only is this the longest day of the year, it is also when nature infuses the soil with the greatest amount of vitality. It is the most vibrant time of the year.
For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, nature’s new year and the beginning of its annual growing cycle starts at the fall equinox, when the smallest amount of vitality is released. The growth energy continues through the Winter Solstice, when a bit more vitality is released, peaking at the Summer Solstice. The amount of vitality held within the soil depends entirely on the soil’s health. The healthier the soil, the more vitality it has.
The same is true with the human body, that is a part of nature. The more receptive we are to the vitality that is freely given by nature, the healthier we become. When soil is vital, its crops are abundant. So too, when we co-create with the abundance of vitality freely given by nature, our lives become abundant in joy, creativity, health and prosperity. This opportunity is at its highest at the Summer Solstice.
As such, today is a great day to focus on being maximally receptive to the height of grace that is available to you right now. In so doing, you nourish your life and all your projects with a deep sense of aliveness. This will create a trajectory for an unfolding that you can harvest this fall.
For more information about this and to find out how you can include awareness of the equinox and solstice more consciously into your life, you may enjoy the information at Perelandra on the Solstice and Equinox Cycle.
A fabulous way to increase your sense of vitality and receptivity to the grace that is always here is through the practice of yoga. June 21 was recently declared the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations. So today is the first time that we are celebrating International Yoga Day world-wide.
It makes me really happy that the UN has recognized the importance of this rich and currently relevant ancient art and science of life. Though its roots come from India thousands of years ago, its physical, psychological and spiritual benefits have gained international popularity today.
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So there is lots of delicious yoga to boost your sense of receptivity to the grace that always is.
Wishing you love, abundance and a most fabulous day of celebrations! May you move through your week with awareness and gratitude for the power that sparked and supports your life.
Until next time, remember:
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.