Celebrating the Light That You Are

BY Parvati

Perfectly in time for Easter, I am so happy that my first ever music video “I Am Light” is now live! Please catch and share the light as you watch the video on YouTube. Make sure you get your own copy of the song on iTunes or Google Play – and encourage all your friends to do the same! Every sale helps “I Am Light” to chart and therefore get more radio play, bringing this offering to more and more people. Your support means so much. Together, we light up the world.
“I Am Light” is picking up steam on radio in Asia. Listeners in Thailand and Philippines have already tuned in to “I Am Light” on their FM stations. Next up is Asia-wide with the syndicated show Asia Pop 40 with Dom Lau, “Asia’s Ryan Seacrest”. I had a wonderful interview with Dom that will be airing on the show with Joe Jonas whose current single “Cake By The Ocean” is in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100! First to hear the new episode of Asia Pop 40 will be Singapore and Indonesia on Saturday morning (Friday night in North America). Then it will be heard across Asia and Australia through the week to come. Find out air times at Many of the stations airing Asia Pop 40 are available to stream online.
The name “Easter” is derived from Eastre, the Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility. Originally, Eastre was a celebration of the rebirth of nature that happens every spring. Rabbits and eggs are symbols of fertility that have made their way from pagan times into popular culture.
I love the celebration of Easter. Though it is a Christian high holiday, I feel that the essence of Easter is not contained within any one religion, but shines a light on the heart of many mystical traditions.
My years of meditation practice have given me the perspective that the Easter message shows us we are not limited to physical form, the illusion of the solidity of matter, but exist within the realm of the infinite. I find this message so deeply spiritual and central to why we have incarnated: the realization that our nature is not bound by death, but eternal light!
The notion of being infinite beings can seem abstract, far from the immediately seductive sugar of chocolate bunnies and creme eggs. But it is a reality we can glimpse through practice. The mind’s push-pull cycle of dividing and categorizing is paused in the space between each breath, where we can touch the divine.
I feel that the Easter teachings show us how the death of the ego leads to the birth of the eternal self. The experience of the infinite, our timeless self, is available to us in each moment when we let go of the human habit to overlay a story upon that which is. When we are willing to pause, expansion begins. In that expansion, there is no control, but a joyful, undivided sense of service to what is. In that space, consciousness arises. And that gives birth to the eternal Self.
When we learn to bring our attention into the moment, we begin to experience Easter, a fluid, expansive, non-attached rhythm of life-death-rebirth that embodies the eternal.
Celebrating the return of the light, the latest Parvati Magazine is now live. If you have been feeling snowed under, stuck or hidden in the dark, all of nature is now supporting you to return to your full self. Reclaim the parts that you have buried. Release the illusions of limiting thoughts and be the magnificence you were born to be. May this month’s articles on the theme of Return support your coming into full bloom this spring. Go and check it out!
Finally, I have a special message from Krystelle, the Glass Dress princess in my “I Am Light” music video, for children:
Hello Beautiful Beings of Light!
My name is Krystelle. I am the Glass Dress Princess you see in Parvati’s “I Am Light” music video. I live in the Light Palace where walls are made of light and I sing with the angels and the stars. My dress is a special kind of crystal that only the Prism Pixies know how to shape into clothing.
To celebrate the release of the “I Am Light” music video, I would like your help to create “The Book of Light”, so we can light up the world.
Get out your drawing and writing pencils and create pictures or short stories about all of us in Parvati’s “I Am Light” music video: me, Krystelle, my friend Natamba, the golden-light being who just arrived from Avalon, and the dancing forest fairies – or anything else you see in the video.
Ask your parents to send your written works or take a photograph of your drawings and send them to Make sure you include your first name, your age, and your country so that you can shine in “The Book of Light”!
Together we light up the world!
Krystelle and I look forward to seeing the work from beautiful beings all over the world!
Wishing you much light in this Easter season and always.
Until next time,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.