Choose Peace in the Season of Light

BY Parvati

Holiday trees and seasonal decorations are going up, as we move into the season of light. I love the rich light imagery that many spiritual traditions offer in the dark mid-winter. With Nature being at its most introverted point of the year, we can also experience an important energetic shift when we tune in and listen. In each moment, we are offered ways to remember our interconnection as eternal beings of light.
Since returning from a powerfully grace-filled retreat with Amma in Detroit, I have been immersed in a creativity, completing another book in the nine part Aonani of Avalon young adult series. A bit Harry Potter meets Dune, Aonani of Avalon is about a gifted young girl from the luminous natural realm of Avalon. Before the alien Xennat race arrived, Avalon’s light was part of Earth. Guided by Natamba of the Golden Star, a being from the Novem Light Body that protects the universe, Aonani discovers that she is a bridgewalker destined to find the truth that can reunite Avalon with planet Earth. I can’t wait to share the first release with you in 2017!
While the writing juices have been flowing, I have also been working to complete a book on YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine, the yoga that I have developed and teach. The book will be released early in 2017, alongside a double YEM DVD set, to inspire a healthy and happy 2017.
For me, the creative spark seems to inspire more creativity. As such, I am looking forward, more than ever, to being back to my music studio this week where I will complete musical material to be released early in 2017. Lots of fun in store!
I will be taking a quick break from the ocean of sound in my studio, to participate this Friday in an important summit on protecting our oceans. My husband Rishi and I are honoured to be presenting at the Blue Ocean Summit, a five-day online event featuring specially-selected Ocean Leaders from around the world. We are two of 14 people being featured at the summit who “combined their passion for the ocean with their unique talents and skill sets”. You can tune in for free! Click here to register.
To add even extra delight to it all, I have also received a letter this week from the Prime Minister’s office regarding the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS)! Yes, we finally have communication with the Trudeaus!
All of this work supports the realization of MAPS by the fall of 2018. We CAN do this!
MAPS helps keep our planet cool and our oceans healthy by protecting the entire Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle from exploitation. Find out more at
There are two exciting, fun and effective campaigns that you can participate in today to immediately support MAPS. They are a wonderful way to be part of positive global change!
I am so very happy to share that has launched an exciting campaign to get millions of petition signatures and raise the funds we need to reach our goal of realizing the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) by fall 2018. A bit like the ice bucket challenge, all you have to do is:

  • Sign the MAPS petition (and optionally make a donation – no obligation)
  • Create a short video of yourself lighting a peace candle, while nominating three people who will spread the word
  • Share your video on social media with the hashtags #unitebylight #signMAPS

Your video could be: “Hello! My name is […] and I am from [country]. I’ve signed the MAPS petition (and made a donation) to I’m lighting a candle of peace for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. I nominate [name, name and name] to do the same. Let’s send the message of light and peace to the world.”
We are in the last two weeks of our letter-writing campaign to President Obama. Thank you for participating, if you have already done so! If you have not yet, please join me and countless others in calling on President Obama to conclude his time at the White House with a commitment to the health of the planet, that sends a strong signal to the world.
Here is a sample letter to be mailed today that you can personalize, or send as is, to the outgoing President. And yes, snail mail is the most effective:

(your name and address)
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President,
Over the past eight years, you have helped to transform America. Before you exit the Oval Office for the last time, please help transform the world.
As you know, the Arctic Ocean is under increasing threat from economic and military interests seeking to profit from the loss of ice that keeps our planet cool. We no longer live in an era with the luxury to consider one isolated region as separate from the whole. What happens in the Arctic affects our entire world.
The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary establishes all ocean waters north of the Arctic Circle as a marine protected area free from natural resource exploitation, commercialization and military activity. For the sake of all life on the planet, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary must be realized immediately.
Your ratification of the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty will protect this vulnerable ecosystem in perpetuity, safeguard the polar ice to keep the planet cool, help threatened species recover, declare a global commitment to sustainable energy over unburnable oil, protect threatened coastlines around the world from devastating sea level rise, and send a signal to the world that we must no longer put short term interests ahead of the long-term good of all.
I want to know that my future is safe. I ask that you use the power that you have been given as a world leader for the benefit of generations to come, and sign the MAPS Treaty immediately.
(your name)

Once you have mailed your letter, you can also send it electronically at and phone 202-456-1111.
Thank you for your support and have a most fabulous week! Focus on the positive possibilities, and move forward with heart and courage. Together, yes we can keep our beautiful planet safe!
Until next time,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.
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