Co-Create with the Universe to Manifest Your Reality

BY Parvati

Happy February!
I would like to address a question that arises from time to time with my yoga students and clients, and is often discussed in pop metaphysical teachings. Do we create our reality? What does that actually mean?
For guidance along my path, I look to the teachings of saints and realized masters. I explore my reactions and responses to my experiences and check in with myself as often as possible to see if I feel rooted, vital and expansive in each moment.
Each day I make it a practice to explore the relationship between my thoughts and what I see manifest. As such, it seems to me that the idea that “you create your reality” may be oversimplified. From all that I have seen, the potent concept of creating your reality is quite subtle and complex. For those who truly wish to cultivate deep humility and experience the death of the ego, it can be a profound teacher. But if we seek to fuel our ego’s need to feel right, validated, superior, or in control, the true power and import of this concept may be missed, and may even lead to suffering.
To clarify this seeming difference, we need to understand the nature of reality, that is, the difference between the subjective or temporary, and the absolute or infinite and eternal. After all, we are exploring creating our reality. So what is reality?
Our personality is shaped by our perceptions, which are the outcome of our experiences and our karmic tendencies – the stuff with which we were born. Our perceptions are processed through our senses and filtered through our mind. They are not absolute truths but subjective experiences. Beyond these perceptions, there is a substratum that lies beneath the temporal quality of life. This exists beyond our likes and dislikes, beyond things that are born and things that die. In the eternal, we find pure consciousness that weaves through all temporal things.
When we say, “That is real for me,” we speak of our senses, our experiences, and our thoughts. This reality (which I refer to with a lowercase r) is subjective and changes for each individual. When we speak of ultimate truth, we speak of a Reality (to which I refer with an uppercase R) that is timeless and permanent, the field of pure consciousness. Reality and reality are very different, yet beautifully interrelated and interconnected.
There is no doubt that as we apply our focus to reach certain results, we can achieve them. I have seen that repeatedly in my own life, and we see this in the worldly successes of many. In this sense, we can create our reality to a certain extent.
Where perhaps some of the explanations I have heard for “we create our reality” fall short for me is in the implication that “we” are the doers, that is, that we are separate entities who can apply our will upon the whole. We can achieve great results within a certain bandwidth, but we must remain in harmony with nature, and the universe as a whole. This is because we are in a constant state of co-creation with a compassionate and loving universe. What we may perceive as something we need or want, may indeed not be in our highest good. When things don’t go our way, it is not simply a matter of trying harder to get it, but going within to realign ourselves to our deepest joy, that which is the most natural expression of who we are, unencumbered by who we think we should be. When we align with our joy, we are in harmony with nature. Then, we are not creating our reality, but co-creating with the greatest power there is – that of life itself – to realise our fullest potential.
Our joys become manifest when we are feeling full and grateful, not when we are feeling lack, separation and wanting. There is an immense, vast, intelligent flow to which we learn to surrender our limited, temporal selves. We learn to show up, be present and take part, and ultimately, get out of the way of that immensity. That way our temporal reality is in service to the greater, unconditional Reality of which we are a part. We are in service to the divine, creative flow. It is only then that we live rooted, vital and expansive in I AM consciousness. Then, we are in a state of co-creation and realize our purpose.
There is a subtle yet very tricky shadow at play with the idea that we are the doers, that we create anything, because it implies we are in control. The ego loves that! “I am in control! Me!” But what is this “me”? Is it not just a passing series of thoughts, like a cloud over the sun? Are we not ultimately the sun, the universal light that shines eternal truths?
Yes, we have free will. But our limited understanding and individual will have no control over the vast universe. Our power lies in our ability to make wise and conscious choices about how to deal with ourselves and where we place our awareness.
When we think of ourselves as important and in control, we inevitably suffer. We become attached to matter (objects, people, places, things), feeling we have power over them. But they are temporal; so they will, by their very nature, change. When this happens, we will then need to try to regain control over them. On an ego-driven merry-go-round, we inevitably experience pain.
Great mystics and enlightened masters tell us that we are not the ones doing, but at best, we are servants reflecting and one with the divine. We think that we are the temporal things such as this body, this personality, these thoughts, these perceptions, but all those go when our time has come. They are reality with the small “r”. But there is an energy within that continues on even after the things bound by time have long since turned to dust. That is Reality with the capital “R”.
I look forward to continuing this discussion next week. Until then, see if you are getting caught up in the temporal, passing “reality”, or if you are surrendering and opening to the greater whole that perfectly unfolds in the eternal.
And remember,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.