Discover the Joy of the Divine Waiting for You Right Now

BY Parvati

Last Sunday, my blog was silent as I have been working on a new juicy post for you on the topic of co-creation, but it was not yet done. Trusting the creative muse and with the grace of the angels, it will be ready to share with you next week.
While completing my music arrangements in my upcoming albums, I have also been putting the finishing touches this week on a new website for Parvati Magazine. In support of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, Parvati Magazine is lovingly brought to you every month by a super beautifully broad-hearted all-volunteer team, dedicated to a healthy world. The new website looks great, designed by a dear friend at Jellyfunk.
To give you a taste of this issue, here is my Positive Possibilities Living article. And there is lots more to enjoy in this month’s Parvati Magazine, including Grammy nominees, leaders like Amnesty International and the newest Yogis Unite ambassador Koya Webb.
The divine is always with us, no matter where we are or what we may be doing. The divine continually showers us with grace-filled flower petals. The question is, are we open? Are we listening for the phone call from the divine?
I was in my music studio working on one of five upcoming albums dedicated to MAPS (the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary), when the phone rang. I had been composing and arranging a song for Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu deity who brings good fortune and removes obstacles along our path.
I usually don’t have my ringer on in my studio, let alone answer the phone when the creative juices are flowing. But this time, the sound alerted me to a friend calling. I knew she was with Amma, a saint from South India who is also my spiritual teacher, in San Ramon, California. It was the end of Devi Bhava, a very special time when Amma embraces everyone while in the mood of the Divine Mother.
When I picked up the phone, I was immediately transported into Amma’s blissful presence. Within the churning sounds of cheer and adoration that I heard from the thousands of devotees, I could feel the rise of devotion for the divine well up in me. I closed my eyes and was at her feet. Amma was standing before me in her glorious, shimmering Devi Bhava sari, showering people with sweet and tender flower petals as she lovingly smiled at us all. Everything that was before the call—the chord changes, the instrumentation, the arrangement of sounds—all vanished into the infinity of this one perfect moment. I was harmoniously held within the symphony of life.
As I surrendered to the richness of the experience, it felt as though flower petals were gently falling on my head. A pure white light flooded my being. Tears poured from my eyes as my heart expanded into the grace-filled moment. There was no such thing as time or space. They collapsed as my heart flowered in the full perfection of the now.
Eventually, Devi Bhava ended, and Amma got into a van to be driven to her next tour stop. She was off to LA, after having given darshan for the past 13 hours without a single pause, after a full day of doing the same.
I thanked my friend and hung up the phone, somewhat stunned. I had been shaken from my work-centered focus and stepped into a fuller reality that is always present. My personality was softer, my soul recharged.
Even though there is a lot of interference on the planet at this time, a heavy feeling that one could almost say is like an undertow, there is also a never-ending stream of grace available to us all in each and every moment. We can choose the energies with which we engage.
The darkness that has permeated our world calls each of us to make a firm resolve to direct our awareness towards our deepest joy. Instead of feeling pulled by the weight, waiting for grace to come knocking at your door or give you a personal call, answer the call that is ringing in your heart right now. The call from the divine is already here. It speaks to you through your joy. Let it guide you in sharing your unique light with the world. There has never been a better time to shine and love – not only because the world needs it, but because you do too.
Having opened to and received the grace that called me, I returned to my Ganesha composition with fresh insights and energy. “It is our love for the goal that gives us the strength to face all obstacles,” says Amma.
I love music and feel so inspired to give it all I can to catalyze the global shift in the way we see ourselves, each other and the planet that is MAPS.