Discover Your Greatest Mentor Ever and Learn the Three Keys to Get in Touch With It Right Now

In the past several weeks, we have been looking at the ways we may be blocking peace in our lives, whether due to misunderstandings about what it is, or intense feelings that draw us away from peacefulness and into undertow. This month, however, we’re going to look at three powerful keys to help you access immense support in finding inner peace.

In every hero’s journey, there is a mentor, whether visible or not. On your journey to inner peace, you can turn to a vastly wise and powerful mentor: Nature itself. The force of Nature runs through every cell in your being. It is infinitely potent. When you align with your true nature, beyond all thoughts of status quo or your small self, you tap into tremendous capability, creativity and service. You can thrive and experience all the support you need when you live in harmony with it.

The Greatest Mentor for Inner Peace

Nature is the great balance keeper of the universe. It is free from our restless wanting and conflict. Nature’s unconditional love carries us in every moment, showing us another way to live. When we live in harmony with it, we can experience the power of peace. The more we choose to connect with this knowing, the more we ease our own inner conflict and the more, in turn, we ease the suffering in Nature.

How to Access Guidance From Your Mentor

Though we often define nature as plants and animals, I have come to understand Nature as the intelligence underlying everything that has form—from fireflies to skyscrapers to your very own body. It is within you, just as your inner peace sanctuary is, waiting to be discovered and embraced. You access it anywhere, with three powerful keys that you can use in every moment of every day: openness, readiness, and willingness.

Being open, ready and willing is essential in breaking out of the habits that keep you blocked from Nature’s wisdom. The quote about the courage to change by the French author Anaïs Nin speaks to this: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” When the pain of living without inner peace becomes so great that it outweighs your attachments to the way things are, the desire is born within you to live another way. Openness, readiness, and willingness unlock the door through which you can step and flower into peace.

Explore the Keys to Nature’s Wisdom

As we prepare to explore each of these three keys more deeply in the weeks to come, please deeply consider the following:

  • Do I feel my life would benefit from a mentor in finding inner peace?
  • How do I feel about the idea that I can access that mentor for myself in Nature?
  • Have I ever experienced Nature’s guidance in the past? What did that look like?
  • Do I feel open, ready and willing to experience its wisdom now? How come?
  • What do I need to do today so that my life is guided by it more often, even always?
  • What does openness mean to me?
  • What does readiness mean to me?What does willingness mean to me?

Continue to practice peacefulness through each day. Set a mindfulness chime to ring once every hour on the hour to remind you to practice peace. We do not need to practice finding inner peace only when we feel agitated. It has been medically proven that practicing peacefulness when you are not under extreme stress builds a strong foundation to which you can return when life becomes challenging.

When your mindfulness chime rings on the hour, pause what you are doing. Move away from your desk or task at hand. Take a few deep breaths and return to the simplicity and power of presence. Feel yourself breathing and enjoy the breaths. Let your whole body relax. Then say to yourself quietly or aloud, I am open. I am ready. I am willing to be in harmony with Nature. I am. I am. I am.

From my heart to yours,

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