Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

How do we find peace in today’s world?

As I continue to complete the content of Global Education for MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, it has been clear that realizing and sustaining an external peace sanctuary goes hand in hand with each of us finding our peace sanctuary within. So in support of MAPS and the greater good of all, I have developed a workshop for this blog space. It is a chance for us all to explore together the meaning of peace and how we can experience it practically, on a day to day basis in our lives. Beginning today, I’ll be posting short excerpts here every week. I have been developing material with the intention to share it over several months, because I want to provide soul food in bite size pieces—peace pieces!

If you are just coming to my blog for the first time, welcome! Thank you for being here to be a part of this. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments.

My commitment to peace

In my life, I have had the privilege of being exposed to multiple spiritual traditions and peace practices. Whether working as a CEO, musician, author, counsellor, lay-assistant minister, yoga teacher or workshop facilitator over the years, it’s been a lifelong passion of mine to live peacefully with myself, others and our world. This commitment has deepened since I dedicated myself completely to MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Seeing how much suffering there is in the world sparked me to engage in inspiring peace globally. So here, I will share what I have learned, and look forward to hearing from you in return.

I love giving workshops, because they are a chance for us all to feel connected and remember that we are not alone. When we come together, we create something beautiful, greater than the sum of our parts. I am really looking forward to seeing how this will evolve. My number one priority is that it be of service to you, so please be a part of the conversation.

Invocation of presence

I’d like to begin with a simple moment of presence. There’s an invocation that I lead whenever I begin a workshop or bring together a creative team. I use it because it powerfully brings us into the present moment. An invocation is different from an affirmation in that an affirmation replaces one thought with another, while an invocation is a cellular restructuring. So as you say these words, really breathe them into your body and allow yourself to be recalibrated around a life of possibilities.

Let’s try it now:

Begin with a long, deep breath.

Then another.

And one more long, deep breath.

Feel how already, your mind and body are just a little bit quieter, with just a bit more space around all of the other busy-ness of your day.

Now, if you would like, let’s invoke, “I am open, ready and willing to be completely restructured around the positive possibilities of being me.”

You can say it out loud, under your breath, or silently—however you feel most comfortable.

Repeat this statement. Then repeat it again. I am standing right next to you, saying the same words. Just like you, I am feeling my own mind and body attune to the opportunity right here, right now. We are connected.

Now, simply repeat: “I Am.”

“I Am.”

“I Am.”

In this space that we have now opened together, let’s turn our attention to the question: What does peace mean to me?

Take a moment with that. This is not about a right or wrong answer. I will share my own perspectives, but this is an opportunity for you to begin to connect with your own core beliefs and truths.I invite you to write down what comes to you. Consider treating yourself to a notebook just for the purpose of this workshop. Science has shown that the physical act of writing helps our brains integrate information. Now, consider this question: In what ways would I like to experience more peace in my life? Again, take your time. The wonderful advantage with this online workshop format is that you can go at the pace that’s right for you. Take a few moments with this question:

In what ways do I wish for more peace in the world?

And finally, consider this question: What do I hope to learn from this workshop on peace?  I welcome you to set intentions such as, “I would like to come away from this workshop with a deeper understanding of how to feel peaceful every day”, or “I would like to learn practical tools to stay calm and peaceful in stressful times”, or “I would like to recharge my spirits so that I can be a happier and more present mother/father/volunteer/teacher/lawyer/activist/etc.” Go within. Find your own truth. I’ll be looking for your comments and will make every effort to answer your questions.

Next week, I’ll start to share some ways I have found to experience deep peace and compassion and support others around me doing the same, even in today’s hurting world. Please do check back here next Sunday. To make sure you don’t miss a post, subscribe below for weekly updates. And please share this blog and let your friends and family know to join the workshop. I know that as each one of us shows up and shares our hearts, everyone wins. We each are the healing we – and our world – so urgently need.

From my heart to yours,

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary”

  1. Peace is a deliberate state of either psychological or spiritual calmness despite of hectic and overwhelming situations that arise in life with the painful stress.
    The first way of achieving peace in life is to get satisfied with every struggling circumstances of life.
    We should be able to cope with every single situation that often occur in our day to day life with a peaceful mind.
    In my opinion, to learn to ignore small things out of mind and to remain fearless, stress less are the ways to remain in tranquility.

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