A Fresh Perspective

BY Parvati

I am in the studio in full-on music composition mode. Immersed in the world of sound, it is hard for me to spend time with words right now. Music notes would be easier to speak with!
But I have set up a new presence for my writing online for you to enjoy by joining Speaking Tree. This wonderful platform shares blogs from masters and seekers in India and all over the world. Please check it out. There I posted an article today about one of my favorite subjects: the power we have to choose a life either in the positive possibilities or in the impossibilities. Those who have been reading my blog for a while know that I believe there are at least two lenses through which we can view life – positive possibilities and impossibilities.
It is valuable to know that you have this power of free will as it alters everything you think, do, feel and experience. If you wish to be free from suffering, you need to know how to see each moment through the lens of the positive possibilities. It will show you how to live with honesty, integrity, love, abundance and happiness. I am known as the Positive Possibilities Lady because I am passionate about inspiring you to find deep freedom and joy – through realizing that you have this choice.
If you are already familiar with the positive possibilities and impossibilities, this article in Speaking Tree is an excellent opportunity to refresh yourself and ponder it more deeply. If it is a new concept to you, dive in and consider a fresh new way to look at your life!
“A world based on the positive possibilities is a world where each one of us knows that we are a loved, welcomed and integral part of a much greater intelligent whole. Our very essence is experienced as love, which is the essential energy of life itself.” Read on at Speaking Tree.
A reminder that the Wisdom issue of Parvati Magazine is live now. It is full of great articles to inspire your life. Among the wise voices this month is the world renowned and highly respected Dr. Bernie Siegel, innovative and powerful teacher Sat Dharam Kaur, and Olympic gold medalist Clara Hughes! This issue of the magazine also contains the latest in my sequence of YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine poses: Crab. One of the more introverted yoga poses, the forward bending Crab pose, is a welcome relief at the end of a busy day of “doing”. It moves your awareness away from the external and helps you cultivate greater internal wisdom. It is also a wonderful pose to start your day, as it cultivates humility, receptivity and the awareness that our relationship with our internal world is reflected back to us through our relationship with our external world. The wise yogi knows that each thought, feeling and idea literally affects the way we experience the moment, and this sets the arch and trajectory of our life. Read on at Parvati Magazine.
Finally, on an astrological note, Mercury went retrograde on Tuesday. I have written about the gifts of this astrological occurrence, which affects all areas of your life:
“Mercury is the planet that governs communications and commerce. Its domain is reason, analysis, verbal and written expression, and trade…When Mercury is retrograde, as it is now (Mercury appears to move backward through the sky), there tend to be disruptions and delays in communications, technology, business and travel. Delays can work to our advantage while we revisit old issues.”
Though upheavals can happen during this period, which this time will last until January 25, I believe that with awareness, understanding and receptivity, we can see this period of revision as grace. Read on at The Gifts of Mercury Retrograde.
Wishing you a wise, rooted, vital and expansive week!
Until next time,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are ONE Earth family.