Fulfil Your Heart's Desires This Year

BY Parvati

I have been blessed to spend this past week in my music studio songwriting and producing new material. Music is one of the ways I can help bring awareness to MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary and #unitebylight. If you have already participated in #unitebylight, thank you! If you have not yet, please do so today. It only takes a few minutes and your help greatly amplifies the signal to help us realize MAPS by the end of 2018. The Arctic ice is the Earth’s cooling system, which affects everything and everyone worldwide, including our global food supply, clean drinking water and where we live. But the Arctic Ocean is under threat. MAPS is an effective way to immediately keep it safe and protect all living things worldwide. That is why I have dedicated all I do and create to its swift realization. So please consider taking a couple of minutes to show your support. In advance, thank you!
I hope your year is off to a great start and that you are feeling rooted, vital and expansive about the choices you are making daily. What are your heart’s desires? Are you in touch with them? Are you living in a way to help them come true?
For many, meeting our heart’s desires may seem like trying to realize a fairy tale, or trying to touch a mirage that always feels out of reach. Yet we often start the New Year with hope that we will finally get the love we want, get that perfect job, make millions or experience glowing health. Whatever it is that you seek to bring fulfilment to your life, may you find it now and live it always. But how do you do that?
Several years ago, I came across a hot-off-the-press book that helped me answer some of those questions for myself. It highlighted how I was trying to fulfill other people’s dreams and inspired me to find the courage to fulfill my own. The book was the late Debbie Ford’s The Right Questions. If you have not read it, I recommend you do. It is short, to the point and useful.
In it, Debbie reminds us that where we are today is not the result of a single decision, but the result of repeated choices we have made over time, usually at an unconscious level. Perhaps, despite our best resolve, we find it hard to live the life we want because we have not been asking “the right questions” to help us understand the thoughts and choices that brought us to where we are today.
If we are to understand what drives our choices, we must look within. We must understand our fears, shame and doubts that thwart our ability to fulfill our dreams. Everyone will have different interference patterns that block their joy. We usually can see these patterns taking shape in our early childhood in relation to our primary caregivers. I do not believe it is wise to blame our parents for our current life. But exploring how we interacted with them will shine light on the unconscious tendencies we have, that created our life today.
We all are born with a predisposition towards certain tendencies. These tendencies will unconsciously drive all our choices until we wake up to the story of our life. When we explore our early relationships, we can see our tendencies. Every child would react differently in any given situation because we are all unique. Where one child would have fought back, another would have run to hide, and another would have not noticed any issue at all.
Between now and the time I post next week’s blog entry, I invite you to consider the question of how you reacted to your early environment. Did you feel safe, loved, welcome to be yourself? Did you feel unsure or even threatened? How did you react? Did you hide away, escape into fantasy worlds, become externally tough or super-responsible? Were you joyful and fun-loving? Were you anxiously trying to live by someone else’s rules? Inquire on this subject gently, with self-love, openness, and honesty. See if you begin to notice what perceptions you carry, what patterns and tendencies are uniquely your own. There within, you will find the key to unlock deep and lasting joy.
Until next time,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.
PS: Stay tuned for the next issue of Parvati Magazine, on the theme of Devotion, going live this week!