Getting Unstuck

BY Parvati

Dear friends,
I’m writing from the UK, where the Transcendent Luminosity tour has gotten under way. Yesterday, I was at the wonderful York Yoga Studio where I had an excellent Yoga and Sound workshop with beautiful souls. After that, I met with the owners of Millers Yard to plan the February 2014 Yoga In the Nightclub show. Today, it is off to Bath for a YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine workshop this evening at Yoga Bodhi. All the details of my tour are available on my website.
The weather has been mild here. I hear I am missing some bluster and cold rain back home in Toronto! If you are feeling the chill, have some warming soups at mealtime, and warm drinks through the day such as ginger tea. Foods with rooting energy are also helpful at this time.
Until next week, here is another excerpt from my book Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie: A Revolutionary Life Makeover for the Sincere Spiritual Seeker.
Wishing you a rooted, vital and expansive week,
We each have a place in the tapestry of life. We are born with unique talents and gifts to enjoy and share with the world. Yet most of us, to some degree or another, due to conditioning from our past, suppress our inner voice and lead restless lives filled with temporary pleasures, as we wonder when happiness will come. We may be living our lives for others rather than being inwardly guided by our unique soul voice.
It has taken me time and practice to learn to honour an authentic expression of my true self. I am still learning to do so with greater skill, love and integrity every day. It is an ongoing process, just as life is constantly evolving and unfolding. Most of us are taught to think in terms of “arriving”, as though “getting there” will make our lives perfect and happy. But it is not so. Just as nature continually responds to change, so too we grow, shift and evolve. Change and evolution are life.
Chasing the mirage of a perfect tomorrow can lead to an empty and endless search. So it is better to choose to do something that makes you feel rooted, vital and expansive in this moment. Doing one simple activity that makes you feel alive is like switching yourself on to what makes you feel connected – now. In that place of greater lightness and expansion, your deeper joys will become clearer to you, one breath at a time. From the choice to connect to your joy, a life based on inner connection can flower.
When we feel stuck, it is very powerful to remember that we are constantly co-creating our life. We are not victims of something “happening to us”. What we experience around us is a reflection of what we think and believe. Inside and out are beautifully interconnected. If we are willing, open and ready, life provides us with a powerful opportunity to learn and grow deeply. Life is like a mirror that constantly reflects our self back to us. The trouble is, most of us are attached to seeing things the way we want them to be, rather than the way they are.
We often fall prey to the idea that something “out there” will make us happy: a perfect partner, an ideal job, a gorgeous outfit, or perhaps more “spiritual” items like a yoga certification, a new mala, a retreat to learn yet another healing modality…. But it won’t. All things in life are fleeting. We tend to want, rather than to simply be. But when we let go of the clenched grip of wanting and allow ourselves to truly begin to open, we touch a place of infinite fulfilment. Our lives blossom from the inside out as an expression of our deepest joy, our interconnection to all of life. We become soul-directed, in service, expansive and alive, rather than wanting-directed, based on fear, disconnect and constriction.