Give Yourself the Gift of Freedom from Painful Feelings That Steal Your Inner Peace

One of the biggest obstacles to peace we can face is found in our painful emotions and the way they can pull us down when we are not willing to be present for them. Over the past several weeks, we have looked at nine particularly painful emotions and how to understand, witness, and release their turbulence in order to find ease and freedom. This week, as we prepare to move forward into the next chapter of “Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary”, we sum it up.

Being honest and present for your emotions is key to finding your inner peace sanctuary. You may not like to see that, for example, you don’t feel happy all the time – but there is nothing gained in denying or judging your feelings.

If you notice you are experiencing painful emotions, remember that if you have been following along, you know how to deal with them now. You need to practice the three steps of transformation—understand, witness, and release. You understand that they are not ultimate reality, just passing clouds that temporarily eclipse the light of the sun, which is your true, luminous nature. Then you witness your feelings just as they are without adding any story to what is. As you understand and witness, release happens automatically because you no longer give painful emotions power.

Here is a summary of nine emotions that can challenge us most. As you read through them, ask yourself, do you identify with any of them? How are they currently affecting your life? Then make a firm resolve to become more aware of them, so that you can practice letting them go. Each of the emotions below is linked to the full post in which I treat it in depth, so that you can access the support you need to face and be free from it.

  • ANGER: In anger, we react unconsciously. Primal instincts kick in and we are convinced that the problem is “out there”. When we feel angry, we attack, because we feel attacked. We feel unsafe. We are in our ego, and not in balance with our true nature and the universal whole.
  • DEPRESSION: When we ignore or judge what we are feeling, we often find ourselves sinking into depression. This is an aspect of our human psyche that calls for deep and compassionate self-honesty.
  •  DESPAIR: We feel the hopelessness of despair when we co-create in the impossibilities to such an extent that we are now in undertow. When this happens, we need to immediately understand we are enabling illusions and redirect our thinking.
  • RESENTMENT: Resentment is like a broken record. We feel painful emotions over and over again that keep us tied to our past. For some reason, our ego has us convinced that this is a good thing to do. But as we re-sent, feeling painful feelings repeatedly, ultimately, we suffer and don’t live in health, joy and peace.
  • JEALOUSY: To free ourselves from jealousy, we need to have the humility to see that it reflects the ways in which we are invested in scarcity and disconnect, and misperceive our place in the world. Given that we each are integral parts within the abundance of Nature, these thoughts cannot be true.
  • JUDGMENT: No one likes to feel judged. The idea of being seen as less than the wonderful beings we hope to be can trigger feelings of inadequacy and fear. When we feel judged, our knee-jerk tendency is to judge in return. Yet, this only perpetuates pain. Whether we judge ourselves or others, or we are reacting to someone’s perceived judging of us, we are disconnected from our true nature and the unconditional love from the universe.
  • PRIDE: Pride has two faces: feeling better than or less than another. When we identify with feeling “I am so great” or “I am no good”, as though either were who we are, we rob ourselves of the authentic experience of being and block ourselves from true abundance.
  • SHAME: Shame comes from a feeling of being fundamentally flawed, unlovable or broken. Many people struggle with feelings of shame and self-disgust. Because hiding supports shame, it’s important to remember that the more you avoid it and the painful feelings you feel around it, the more it grows.
  • FEAR: To let go of fear, we must learn to see it as it is: a reaction based on old stories that have no power other than what we feed them. We must learn to see it for the illusion it is, rather than push it away and act with false confidence or succumb to it out of reserved trepidation.

If you feel unsure or unclear about anything you have read so far, please feel free to ask! I am happy to respond. Someone else reading along, now or in the future, might have the same question as you.

From my heart to yours,

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