Glimpses from the Enchanted Forest

BY Parvati

I have been in the studio editing the fine footage from the I Am Light video shoot. It is looking great! The rough cut should be complete this week. We aim to release the I Am Light single and video this fall, as a precursor to the Yoga In the Nightclub music video that will follow it. These two videos will feature the lead singles off my upcoming album ETHOS.
Here are some more glimpses from production. These shots were taken at Sunday night’s shoot in an enchanted forest. The forest inhabitants that I call Yogic Tantric Disco Fairies, become fascinated with my character Natamba, a being of liquid gold light. I am very happy that Natamba has made a comeback in this video!
What do you think Natamba is doing in the cover image for this blog post? What is about to happen?
Enchanted Forest - I Am Light- Parvati.TV
Here is what the set looked like from a distance.
Enchanted Forest - I Am Light- Parvati.TV
Here is the set lighting up.
Fairies in the Enchanted Forest - I Am Light- Parvati.TV
Here are a couple of playful fairies in the woods!
Enchanted Forest - I Am Light- Parvati.TV
And if you ever wanted to know what fairies snack on, it’s potato chips! We opened the back of the van door to retrieve an item and found three fairies inside enjoying some Kettle Chips.
Morning sunshine - I Am Light - Parvati.TV
Here is the sun shining as we packed up our equipment the next morning after the all night shoot.
And here are Rishi and I, tired and happy in the beautiful morning sunshine. I just love dawn and the early morning light. Our golden canine companion is Jaida, who belongs to our wonderful friend Deborah Anderson. They drove across town at dawn to selflessly help us pack up, after Deborah had spent many hours in the days prior, putting the finishing touches on wigs, costumes and set pieces. I would also like to thank Sunanda Jordon who helped build Natamba’s costume and wig… no simple task! I feel deeply grateful to those who are willing to help realize my creative designs and constructions.
In the thick of production, whether on the road or in the studio, I am blessed to have years of yoga and meditation practice to help keep me healthy in body, mind and spirit. As you may know, the September issue of Parvati Magazine went live this week. It is filled with great articles to help you live a life in the positive possibilities. I wrote the following article to share how yoga can help musicians and busy people of all kinds, to keep our body/being healthy and in tune.
“Whether you are on the road, on stage or in the studio, yoga and meditation can provide you with simple, effective tools to help you get the most out of your valuable life-energy and time.
Hatha yoga helps your body-instrument stay in the tune of health. When you practice, be aware of your spine. Think of the spine like a flute, through which vital life-force flows. As musicians, we don’t force our sound, which may damage our instrument. We learn to allow the music of life to flow through us. As yogis, we treat our bodies similarly.
The spine can also been seen as a piano. Each keyboard note must be in tune to create good music. Similarly, when one of our vertebrae is out, we know it through pain and discomfort.
String players know that a string must be neither too tight nor too slack. The spine is like a string instrument tuned in perfect resonance, for optimal musicality…
Wishing you a happy, productive week!
Until next time,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are ONE Earth family.