Gratitude for the Love Within All

BY Parvati

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, on Mother’s Day, I thank my biological mother for all the gracious care she has given me in raising me. I thank my spiritual mother, Amma, for embodying the unconditional love of the Divine Mother and guiding my way home along the spiritual path. I thank the selfless, abundant love from the planet, our shared mother, for her ability to nurture and sustain us all. I thank the mother within everyone, male and female, as we all have the capacity to love without condition.
Today and always, may we remember the love that has graced our lives – for none of us is without love, if we are alive. Even if our biological mother is no longer with us, or did not care for us the way we had hoped, she brought us into the world, and our shared mother, the planet, sustains us. We are blessed to be alive and part of the very fabric of life.
I also feel deeply grateful for the love that I experience in my life through the wonderful group of friends, fans and supporters who collectively help to realize the visions that inspire me. In particular, I want to share my gratitude for everyone who has been pulling together to do the work of, a new Canadian not-for-profit formed in response to a current threat to the sensitive marine environment in Canada’s Arctic region.
Last week, my friend Darcy Belanger, who has taken on the volunteer role of Director of Strategic Initiatives for, selflessly took a week-long leave of absence from his day job to fly to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and represent at former US Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training program. As delegates from all over the world gathered, learned and shared, the training was one of only four taking place in 2015; the other three are Miami, New Delhi and Toronto.
Darcy is now a Climate Reality Leader, equipped to help raise public awareness of the need to address climate change. This is an excellent complement to’s mission to protect our oceans, stop seismic testing and create a Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS), an internationally declared, exploitation-free zone at the top of our world. Climate change is inextricably linked with heating and agitation of our precious oceans. Each exacerbates the other. Each is a sobering wake-up call for us to change our ways.
The notion of was born when I learned of the proposed seismic testing for oil reserves in the Arctic Ocean off Clyde River, Nunavut. Something arose within me and said “Act.” It was a similar spontaneous call that moved me to go to the North Pole and sing to raise awareness of the melting polar ice caps in the fall of 2010.
To celebrate this new step for, we have chosen to unveil some never before seen footage from my time at the top of the world in 2010. My husband Rishi and I pulled a few all nighters, along with our fabulous video editor Deji Oduntan (he edited the epic, soon to be released Yoga In the Nightclub music video), to edit two documentary-style music videos from my performances at the North Pole. We are still colour correcting the final videos, and will make some real noise about them this coming week, but if you want to take a peek, they are available to preview here!
A little about the videos:
“911-1-L-O-V-E” is a painterly collage of sonic textures and voices from around the world, and an eventual phone call to God. The piece underscores the consequence of human greed, as we face the disappearance of our planet’s ice caps. Not everyone is aware that climate change is an emergency, yet if it continues unchecked, a day may come when we pick up the phone to call for help, and the only help remaining is the reality of One Love.
[youtube id=”rdViKOmhK64″ width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”&showinfo=0&rel=0″ class=””]
I wrote the song “You Gotta Believe” the very moment the twin towers fell on September 11, 2001. I was working at the piano on a riff when my attention was drawn to the TV where I saw the collapse in real time. My shock and emotion poured into the song. I was subsequently graced with the opportunity to perform it for the city of New York at Madison Square Garden. It is an expression of my heartfelt belief in the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.
[youtube id=”1fIoFjtq_mo” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”&showinfo=0&rel=0″ class=””]
The landscape you see in the background of the videos is the magnetic North Pole from my 2010 performance. I am dressed as my character Natamba, a being of golden light that brings a message of love and interconnection to our planet.
It is inspiring for me to see these steps forward for on this Mother’s Day weekend, as I know that we must all do what we can to take care of our shared mother, our planet Earth.
I see the proposed seismic testing in the Arctic is a violation of the natural laws that govern us all. Marine mammals and other wildlife should not face the possibility of permanent physical damage, even death, as a result of our industrial activity. It makes no sense, as everything in life is connected. When we hurt nature, we hurt ourselves. If we as a society feel the need to harm nature and the animals to access oil, it is a sign that it is time to seek alternate energy sources to fuel our economy.
We look forward to being part of the next Climate Reality Leadership training, which will take place in Toronto July 9-10. I encourage everyone who cares about the planet to consider this training opportunity to become an ambassador for the Earth. Help give voice to the ecological emergency facing us at this time!
In the meantime, however you may feel moved to speak up for the environment, it is also activism simply to keep practicing being the most loving being you can be.
When I was a child, my grandmother told me that I have two radio stations in my heart, one will tell stories that will confuse me and make me act in selfish, greedy ways. The other will bring me peace, joy and fulfillment. It is up to me to dial into the radio station that will bring me lasting happiness and meaning to my life. Love is a verb, so it is an action. But it is also a noun, and as such, it is a choice.
This week, keep dialing into the love that you are and that is always with you, and broadcast it into the world.
Jai Ma!