Gratitude in the Polar Vortex

BY Parvati

Dear friends,
Thank you.
As North America shivered in unusual cold two weeks ago, I felt the warmth of your hearts. Whether you donated money to my Indiegogo campaign, or shared the link with friends, or simply gave us your best wishes, I have been so moved and humbled by your support.
We set out to raise funds to create videos for my songs “Shanti Om” and “Yoga in the Nightclub”. In the early days of the campaign, as the ice storm struck Toronto and we were without power or Internet, it seemed as though we might not get there. But slowly as the days went on, as people heard about the campaign, the donations increased and the momentum picked up. I’m happy to announce that we not only met our target, we surpassed it by more than 25%!
My joy and deep love, as I have mentioned, is to share the amazing gift of life with others through writing, producing and performing music that inspires and uplifts. I recently wroteBy focusing unequivocally on my joy, I align myself with universal, divine will. As I say “YES!” with each breath to my deepest soul joy, my life becomes a living prayer.
It is not up to me to then say, “I will make it happen.” That is the universe’s role. My job is simply to continually say yes, one moment after the next, and keep getting out of the way. From that place, clarity arises and I effortlessly breathe into my next step. I do not forcefully make anything happen. I am a dynamic co-creator, in divine conversation, in flow with the universe’s cosmic play. […] The universe knows my deepest joy, because within my deepest joy is the universe. They are not two, but one. 
This successful fundraising campaign has been proof of the support of the universe. I did not “make” it happen. It belongs to all of us.
Rishi and I remarked that the unusual cold last week reminded us of the cold we felt at the North Pole. You may recall we travelled there in 2010 so that I could offer prayers for the earth and sing my songs, as the northernmost performer ever, in order to raise awareness of the melting polar ice.
We were somehow not surprised to learn that the cold sweeping down over North America was actually from the high Arctic in what is being termed a “polar vortex”. I remembered the grace we felt as we flew back in the little plane from the North Pole. I wrote of that dayOnce on board our tiny sea otter plane, I feel elation. Though the sun was almost gone from view, hidden behind the Earth’s surface, the world, the universe, feels lighter, bright and more expansive. In the sky, on the journey here, a strange, sharp, sparkling, golden light seemed to follow us. When I looked at it then, all I could think was that it was an angel supporting us, with us, present.
Now en route back, a similar otherworldly light fills the sky, this time surrounded by rainbow colours of the setting sun. It is clear to me that we have succeeded in this mission to support healing the planet. It is clear to me that this trip, from beginning to end, is Grace, orchestrated from far beyond, and so much bigger than us all.

In the polar chill, and in your abundant support, I sense the same grace that led us safely on our North Pole journey. You will be pleased to know that the theme of video production will continue through 2014 as we also aim to complete the North Pole documentary this year. With grace, it will be so. But first… music videos!
Now that the financial resources are in place, it will take human resources to help make the video shoots be the best they can be. We welcome volunteers who passionately share the vision and are ready to contribute their expertise with the same generosity that inspired the Indiegogo campaign to become such a success.
We have a very tight production schedule and many experienced hands are needed to help everything go well. Before we travel to Florida to shoot “Shanti Om”, we are going to shoot club scenes in Toronto for “Yoga in the Nightclub”. We need local people to help with costuming, lighting, camera operation, hair and makeup. We are also holding a casting call for characters in the video.
I know that human resources and financial resources are all part of the same continuum from a universe that supports our joy. If you feel inspired to play a part in the next phase of this universal movement, please be in touch with Rishi at 647-477-3214.
Wishing you the unfolding of your deepest joy.
With love and gratitude,
PS: the latest issue of Parvati Magazine is now live! This month’s theme is “Sobriety”. Please read and enjoy.