Gratitude, Light, Literary Activity and Democracy

BY Parvati

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Namaste and a very happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!
Whether or not you are celebrating this traditional holiday this weekend, I hope that you feel enriched by the power of gratitude today and always.
I have a lot to be grateful for. We are putting the final touches on the I Am Light music video and the song is moving into final mix and mastering stages. We are getting ready for the fall release, so stay tuned! I can’t wait to share it!
In addition to my musical work, I have been putting more energy into my literary work. This week, there has been some fun activity in that area! After repeated requests, I have been reaching out to get my writing published and into the hands of a wider audience. I have had the pleasure of sharing some of my thoughts on the importance of giving thanks through my Elephant Journal article, “The 3 Different Ways We Say Thanks – Which One Do You Choose?” Please check it out, and also enjoy the other offerings at Elephant Journal. Here is a sample to get you started:
Thanks to our British colonialists, Canadians have learned how to say “Thank you.” We have a reputation of being easily apologetic, polite and generally “nice.” It is almost cultural to say “Thank you” many times a day as we interact with colleagues, family, friends and our daily environment. Similar to the casual way in which we say “Hello, how are you?” without really asking for a sincere response, we often say “Thank you” as a knee-jerk reaction, rather than opening our hearts to what this moment brings. Read the full article on
Also this week, DoYouYoga has decided to feature my article “Four Reasons I Don’t Teach Ujjayi Breathing”. It is now available for everyone to read without signing up for DoYouYoga. Please check out this great yoga portal and the article which already has garnered a variety of very thoughtful responses. Here is a sample to whet your appetite:
In Hatha Yoga, we practice a series of physical exercises intended to purify the subtle energy channels in our body/being, so that we may one day experience a state of non-dual unity, that is, a oneness with the divine energy that pervades all things. The practice begins with mindful, physical exercises designed to open our body and free energy movement in the body/being. As our energy system awakens and clears, we may be ready to practice pranayama. The literal translation of the Sanskrit word “pranayama” is the “extension” or “drawing out” of prana, that is, of life force. It is a series of breathing exercises geared to broaden and expand our field of awareness, so that we may continue an even subtler purification of the body/being. Through my years of teaching YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine, I have noticed that some students and teachers who have come to my classes and workshops tend… Read the full article on
In addition to the opportunity for these wonderful publications this week, I joined SheKnows Experts Among Us, an interesting resource I would recommend checking out. I was delighted to see that my book “Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie” has been included in this list of “13 Books by SK Experts that are inspiring, tasty and informative”! Don’t forget that you can pre-order your copy now. Here is what SheKnows Experts Among Us says:
In the two years since SheKnows Experts Among Us launched, one thing has become very clear: The program is full of multitalented, brave, inspiring ladies. Want proof? Take a look at this list of incredible books by our Experts. Read the full article at
On the activist front, there is also lots to be grateful for. The tireless team of volunteers have been busy at to get the full picture on oil interests in Canada’s Arctic. Our stellar legal counsel, Vandana Erin Ryder, has made some astonishing findings about oil permits abutting a proposed marine park in Canada’s Arctic. So we shared our findings with the press and politicians to bring this to public attention and safeguard the Arctic from all future exploitation. Here is a clip from our press release:
Research by Canadian not-for-profit raises serious concerns about how the Canadian government is managing the vulnerable Arctic ecosystem in the face of oil interests.
While Shell recently made news for pulling out of the Chukchi Sea off Alaska, has discovered that Shell holds 30 long-standing permits to explore for oil and gas in Canada’s eastern Arctic, right beside the long-awaited Lancaster Sound National Marine Conservation Area. has been able to obtain one of the permits in question. It was issued in 1971 and its last known one-year renewal took place in 1978.  It therefore appears to have expired in 1979. But according to the 2014 annual report by the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, this decades-old permit is still active.
Read the full press release at, where Vandana’s legal findings are also attached.
If this inspires you into action as much as it does us, please let me know. At we are in the final stages of a powerful campaign to reveal which oil company is behind the proposed seismic testing in Canada’s vulnerable Arctic. We need your help to realize this goal. Please email me at for more information.
I feel so grateful that the work at is non-partisan and non-political. This provides us with an opportunity to be ambassadorial stewards for the Earth, which in essence, we all are as humans on this planet.
If politics is your thing and if you are Canadian, you are aware of the upcoming federal election on October 19, 2015. I encourage you to speak out about the Arctic and about the need to protect our environment. Ask your local candidates what they and their party will do about oil interests in Canada’s Arctic. Contact the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (current minister: Bernard Valcourt), and the Ministry of the Environment (current minister: Leona Aglukkaq) and make your views known.
Beyond any political question with the potential to enable agitated minds and divisive thinking, I am most interested in the essential questions of what each one of us is doing to wake up from the illusion of disconnection. I serve that timeless revolution of consciousness. Once we understand that all impossibilities are literally not real, we cannot help but welcome the personal transformation of inner peace that will ultimately halt climate crisis and lead to world peace.
If you are in Canada and not sure if you will vote, consider all those who have gone before you who have risked their lives to give you this privilege. Not that long ago, women and blacks could not vote in Canada. Still worldwide, many do not have this basic democratic right to weigh in on who they wish to lead their country.
When thinking about your electoral candidates and the state of global agitation, you may wish to do the following exercises to help you make your decision and contribute to world peace:
Vote Like A Yogi: Rooted, Vital and Expansive
Do your research and find out who are your local candidates and their party leaders. While looking at images or videos of them, quietly breathe in and out a few times and see if you can tune into how their presence makes you feel. Notice any sensations you experience in your body when you look at them, or hear them speak. Do you feel constricted? Do you feel relaxed, energized and grounded? Does what they are saying feel resonant in your gut, heart and soul? Do you feel rooted, vital and expansive when you consider voting for them? Or do you feel your energy is shrinking or becoming agitated? Only do that which is rooted, vital and expansive.
Pray for Grace for Our World Leaders
Whether or not you are facing an election in your country, all of us have the ability to pray for grace in a deeply agitated world. If you feel that life is intense right now, imagine how the world leaders feel! You can help them by visualizing the light of grace surrounding and infusing them, wherever they may be. Pray that all those who seek to govern are nourished and inspired to serve the interconnected whole rather than perpetuate greed and disconnection. Pray for the light of consciousness to ignite our world leaders and spark their decisions.
On a final note, if you have not already signed the Climate Reality call for world leaders to take real action on climate change at the UN Climate Change conference in Paris, you may do so here. Below is the video:
Wishing you a week rooted in gratitude, compassion and clarity.
Until next week, remember,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are ONE Earth family.