Hello from Boston

BY Parvati

Hello friends,
As you read this, I will be in Marlborough, MA spending time with my guru Amma on Her Boston tour stop. By Grace, I also got to see Her in Chicago. If you are in New England and can get to the Boston area this evening, I invite you to join me at the free Devi Bhava program beginning at 7pm.
The “Yoga in the Nightclub” video preview party at Lee’s Palace was a wonderful event. I loved getting to sing in my hometown for the first time since my US and UK tours, and seeing the performances of the talented cast and crew. It was also great to see the thrilled reaction of the crowd to the preview screening of the “Yoga in the Nightclub” video. We ended up showing it twice on the big screen because people wanted to see it again!
Ameerah Sakina and Lisa Cherry both won free admission for themselves and a friend for sharing the event on Facebook. Thank you!
Here are some shots from my performance that night.
Parvati performs at "Yoga in the Nightclub" video preview
D7B_1849 cropped2  D7B_1849 cropped
I also have some exciting news to share on a personal front. My long-time partner Rishi Deva and I will have the great blessing of being married by Amma at the end of Her Toronto programs. Please come and share our joy in the presence of this great saint.
Parvati and Rishi do arati to Amma during a pada puja
Jai Ma!