Hello from York, UK

BY Parvati

Dear friends,

Hello from England, where I have just given a YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine workshop at York Yoga Studio. It was a beautiful space, beautiful people and a beautiful city. I look forward to returning in November!

While I’m busy in England, here is another excerpt from my new book Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie

There is no true high without being grounded. High for the sake of high makes us into yoga junkies, where we chase the proverbial carrot in front of us like a distant, unattainable mirage, catapulting out of our bodies and out of this moment, just as we might with a drug. Such experiences do not bring us lasting happiness any more than would a new fancy sports car, a toke of pot, the feeling of being at the top of our class or career, or meeting the person we think is the answer to our sense of loneliness.

Siddhis, the manifestation of psychic skills along the path to enlightenment, are just as much a distraction to full realization as anything can be. It is easy to get caught up in thinking that their powers are the goal. Making us feel special, they can trick us into feeling spiritually enlightened and above it all. Like fool’s gold, shimmer does not make something valuable.

What matters along the spiritual path is not how bendy our body is, how loftily we speak, how “gifted” we are or how high we get, but the integrity in our actions and how relaxed, alert and integrated we are. Are we kind? Do we love well? Are we at peace? Are we happy? These are the questions that we must ask to ensure our spiritual quest is not driven by being an overt or covert yoga junkie. At the end of the day, true yogis want nothing, expect nothing and selflessly serve the highest good of all.

My intention in sharing the ups and downs of my path to wholeness is to support your courageous steps to live your deepest joy and your fullest potential. May you let go of hiding in the dark in whatever way you may be doing so. May you stop living for other people’s dreams and grab onto what makes your soul zing. May you freely shine your beautiful light into the world and call this moment home.