How to Choose the Light of Your True Nature, Part 2

BY Parvati

(Continued from Part 1)
Once we are willing to make healthy changes, we fuel our new-found ability to make choices with the clear understanding of the power of our perceptual habits, and how we need not be limited by them. We can choose to see this moment differently. For example, when we understand that a sweet dessert we once thought delicious does not nourish us in a meaningful way, our choice becomes easier. We we can discern which foods give us the nourishment our body needs for us to live relaxed, happy and healthy lives.
When we understand that choices we make in disconnection from our true nature only lead us to unhappiness, no matter how much they may seem tempting in the short term, we become lighter and more enthusiastic about the power we have to make choices. When we see with absolute clarity what we are choosing and why we are making those choices, our sense of effort in choosing lessens.
When we first wish to make healthy decisions, most of us are motivated by our own personal desire for happiness. But as we evolve spiritually, we begin to see that there is no such thing as a singular decision. Not only does everything we choose affect all moving parts in our own lives, but it affects everything within which we are a part: this living universe.
Nature as a whole is a living entity, an aspect of the universe of which we are an integral part. It is alive and evolving just as we are. Whether or not we choose to connect with it consciously, we cannot help but be in a constant state of co-creation with Nature, as we are an inherent part of her.
To me, the environmental crisis is a gift to learn to connect more deeply. It is like the call from the planet, our mother, teaching us yet again, with a mother’s patience, how we must grow up and become wiser and more compassionate. We must make wiser choices based on understanding our interconnection. She shows us that we are all connected because when we act in a disconnected manner, life dies and so do we. What I do affects you. What you do affects me. What we all do affects the planet. We are not isolated islands but one Earth family.
As we awaken to our potent connection with Nature, we are called to implement both internal and external change. Externally, we must choose to reduce CO2 emissions, plant trees, turn off lights and electrical devices when not in use, conserve water and take shorter showers, and look for alternative transportation to cars, such as carpooling or taking public transport.
Internally, we are spiritually called to realize we are part of a much bigger whole. The realization of our interconnection inspires personal responsibility and transformation. That in turn creates global change. When we see that each decision we make affects not just ourselves but everyone and everything on the planet, we act with more compassion. When we have more compassion, we realize the impact of our actions and we naturally want less and practice more kindness.
As stewards of the Earth, we are each called to live in harmony with ourselves, each other and our planet. As we choose the light of our Nature, we light up the world.
Wishing you a sense of rooted, vital, expansive joy and interconnection this Earth Day and always.

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