How to Learn from Nature's Biggest Yoga Teachers

BY Parvati

I love this amazing and profound quote by my spiritual teacher Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi: “Pure music is as big as space. It is God. It is pure knowledge. It is the secret of allowing the pure sound of the universe to flow through you.”
As you read this, I am in my music studio, where I am listening to the muse to put the complete new music in service to MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. While I create with love for nature, humanity and the magnificent sonic whales, please enjoy these past sharings about the beautiful yogic teachings of whales.
Spiritual Lessons from the Whales 1: Let Your Darkness Feed Your Light
The more I learn of whales, the more I am awed by their massive, compassionate and wise presence. They seem to me to be master yogis, in constant co-creation with and in service to the whole. This week, I would like to share how whales can serve as an example in your yoga practice.
Spiritual Lessons from the Whales 2: Supreme Karma Yoga
When I look at the lives of whales, I see an effortless, natural mastery of karma yoga. Their existence serves the greater good from the moment they emerge into the world to the moment of death and beyond…
Spiritual Lessons from the Whales 3: Harmony and Dharma
My jaw dropped recently when I found out that the rippling song of the humpback whale is a collective expression. All humpback whales, in a given region, sing the same song! The song evolves over time, but it evolves for all of the whales at the same time. Though each may sing a different part in the moment, all give voice to one collection of sounds like an oceanic choir…
Spiritual Lessons from Whales 4: The Awakened Flow
In this post, I conclude my series on spiritual lessons from the whales (for now…!) with some more amazing information about the lives of whales and the masterful, spiritual teachings they embody and can offer us.