I Feel Like A Bird That Has Her Song

BY Parvati

Happy Sunday! Here in Toronto it is a gloriously sunny and warm day, full of possibilities.
As the “Yoga In the Nightclub” music video came to completion this week, and with the “Shanti Om” music video now in post production, I have spent the past five days facing my next creative task: writing and producing my next show! I am thrilled. Though I have absolutely loved the experience of directing and producing my music videos alongside my co-director Adam Nathan and my executive producer (now husband!) Rishi Deva, I am really happy to be back at the helm in creating my live performances. This morning I woke up so happy and said to Rishi, “I feel like a bird that has her song and a flower that has its perfume!”
As I dive into the world of creative artistic possibilities of sound, vision and movement, it is now Rishi’s task to continue developing his very essential marketing plan so that we may secure great exposure for the fabulous music videos, before we can share them with you. To us, there is no point after all our hard work – and the tireless generosity of all our volunteers that made the videos possible – to simply stick them up on YouTube and hope people see them. It is time to plan for their greater success and reach. With grace – and with your valuable support – millions of people can see them! As Rishi works on this very important stage in the evolution of the music videos, I will be dreaming up new spaces, costumes, characters, choreography, lighting, narratives, sounds and songs to share with you in my next show.
This past week, I received a few notices from those who tried to read my last blog posting (Three Ways to Increase Peace in Your Life and the World) letting me know that they were having difficulties accessing the full entry. In light of that and the fact that I feel there is delicious, savory-worthy content to be digested in it, I would like to suggest that you take this opportunity to contemplate its contents more deeply if you managed to read it last week, or enjoy it for the first time, if you missed it altogether.
More here next Sunday. Have a great week!

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