Introducing "Ask Parvati"

BY Parvati

Sunday February 20, 2011
Thank you to all those who have followed my North Pole journey on this blog page and through the video blogs. This blog would not be active without you taking the time and care to read it. I very much value connecting with you!
I also want to again thank Sunanda and Rishi for being so steadfast along the journey; the Earth Team (ET) for being an essential group of volunteers who wholeheartedly supported the journey from afar; Satish Sikha for his drive and determination to gather the Earth messages on his fabric and go to the Arctic to showcase it and for suggesting I join him to sing at the top of the world. The journey was for our Earth, the mother to us all. It was possible only because of the efforts of many. We are all connected.
Over the years, I’ve received many questions privately (email, phone, Skype, etc) asking for guidance on handling various life challenges. Much of the advice I wished I had published. It contained valuable insights that would have benefited more than one person.
So I have an idea. I want to hear from you! I open this blog page to you as a forum where you can ask me questions on a wide range of topics. I will answer you honestly, relying on my life experience. My intention in all my answers will be to support you living your I AM, the fullest life you were meant to live. Life is short, so why do anything else?
Email me
Throughout the week, please send your questions to Submissions close on Thursday. Anything sent after that will be considered for the next week. I will pick at random one question to answer. I will post the answer on Sunday so everyone can enjoy and benefit. Then we start that same process over the following week. I respect your privacy so names will not be published.
Pick a topic
It is best to ask me questions from your heart on topics I know most about such as the arts, music, performing, culture, healing, yoga, meditation, personal growth, self-help, complimentary medicine, working with the unseen world and conscious living. Please make the question no more than a paragraph, a sentence being ideal.
Sound like fun? It does to me, so I hope it does to you too.
I look forward to hearing from you!Have a great week.