I Am Light!

BY Parvati

It is time! I am so happy to share with you the first glimpses of the joyful and sparkling “I Am Light” music video, which will be launched this March!
If you have been following the creation of “I Am Light” that started in August, you remember the wonderful moments we spent in the Aki Studio Theatre, on the streets of Toronto and in the “enchanted forest” of Taylor Creek Park to get our magical video footage. There were sleepless nights, fantastic costumes, helpers who selflessly went above and beyond the call, and a communal sense of joy in what we were co-creating. I am so grateful to all those who played a part, however big or small, in what we are soon to unveil.
The teaser is a short sampler to whet your appetite and get your creative juices flowing. The official “I Am Light” music video, showing all the rich content made possible by the wonderfully talented actors and dancers who participated, will be debuted in full this March in conjunction with the song being released to top 40 pop radio all over Asia. To support the release, we will be in Asia in April to promote the video and single. As we secure our tour dates and media appearances, I am putting final touches on the upcoming “I Am Light” album.
I feel ready to take the music and the message of love and interconnection it contains to a bigger audience than ever before. It will be my first time in Asia. The “I Am Light” release and tour set the stage for the Yoga Bomb tour this summer and fall. The Yoga Bomb tour takes place in support of the release of “Yoga In the Nightclub” on June 21, 2016, which also happens to be International Yoga Day.
Very few people have seen the full finished “I Am Light” music video as we prepare the marketing and communications strategy for its release. Some have burst into tears. Some have gotten goosebumps. Some tap their toes or start dancing, while others jump up and down with joy and delight.
As I share in five short vlogs about the meaning of I Am Light on my updated I Am Light webpage, my creative process feels like taking dictation. I do my best to listen and be of service to the conscious presences within Nature and the cosmos. In the I Am Light music video and song, I feel these elemental energies dance and sing. I hope you do too!
To support the upcoming music video release, show me how YOU catch the light, and get a chance to win a special one-on-one YEM or intuitive session with me in person or via video chat anywhere in the world! Submit your photos or videos on social media with the hashtags #catchthelight and #iamlight. If you also use #parvati and #positivepossibilitieslady, your entries count double!
Please enjoy the teaser and share it with all your friends. Let them know the song will be out this March. If you have friends in Asia, please let them know I will be touring from Hong Kong to Australia this April. I Am Light is coming! Are you ready to catch the light?
Open your heart and prepare to take in the light… catch and pass it on!
Until next time,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are ONE Earth family.