Love Is The Only Way

BY Parvati

I recently asked my mother whether she felt the world was crazier now than when she was young, or that the underbelly of the human psyche is simply more visible today due to the power of our media. She gasped, then immediately responded that people are much more on edge and violent today. A few days ago, I had the privilege of meeting a 92-year-old World War 2 British marine vet. I asked him the same question. He too felt that the world is more intense now, even more so than when he went through the devastating war.
The world today seems polarized and divided. There is an undoubtable prevalence of global darkness, exemplified by the increase in radical groups that seek to kill and destroy. There is also a growing effulgence of luminosity, which I feel when I when I choose to turn my focus to that which is eternal. There is so much pain, and so much grace, available to us all in this unprecedented time. The choice of which to focus on is up to us. What we choose now affects how we experience this moment, and determines what our future brings.
As I sit in daily meditation practice, I become a neutral witness to whatever may be. I am present for unrest, elation, grasping or repulsion within. I allow myself to receive this moment exactly as it is. In so doing, I can feel my cells and my entire being opening like a flower to a field of utter possibility. Its light fuels me and brings with it clarity, effervescence and calling. I feel inspired to inspire, as my heart bursts with a greater sense of interconnection with it all – the dark, the light, the suffering and the freedom from pain. At times, I feel a giggle of delight bubble from within as I see how my upcoming “I Am Light” song and video releases are timely and fit within the whole.
The growth in global darkness is ours to collectively transcend as one Earth family. We must take heart, remembering that whatever we choose to focus on will grow. We cannot fight hate with hate. Only more hate will come from such a choice. When my husband told me a couple of days ago that the US reported they had killed “Jihadi John”, the notorious ISIS beheader, I shook my head with grief. I intuitively saw that it was like trying to strike at a serpent demon with many heads. When one head is struck down without compassion, ten heads instantly spring up in its place. It was no surprise – however horrifying – that the terrorist attacks in Paris followed right after.
When we come to understand that our true nature is eternal luminosity, we will see that only love, compassion and wisdom will set us free. No amount of figuring out, strategizing, plotting or planning will end violence. We have tried these strategies many times through history. If they worked, we would not now be in a situation that my 92-year-old vet friend calls worse than World War 2.
Only a pure heart ends violence. When we react against painful acts, we inadvertently reinforce the anti-life energy that gave rise to them. It is as though terrorist groups thrive on the negative attention we give them. Was the Paris incident an ISIS attack? In a way it does not matter. ISIS grew stronger the instant hatred was flung their way. Ignorance seeks suffering and suffering needs pain in order to survive. Our pain, judgement and rage only feed the very thing we wish to stop.
Doubters may say that to love is too soft an approach, that it denies the pain and the gravity of the situation we face. But love at times of horror and terror is the clearest and most courageous choice we can make. Our human, knee-jerk reaction is to point fingers, to judge, to valiantly roar into the battlefield. Yet the root of the word courage is “cor”, Latin for heart. To have courage, we must have a heart that sees the fullness of what is with wisdom and compassion and is willing to live rooted in such insight, despite what fear may say.
Anyone who has experienced an awakening through a serious illness, knows that ill health is a call from nature to shift into a new paradigm. When I lay in my bed for four months paralyzed from the waist down from a severely damaged spinal cord, I knew that my current reality was a reflection of my thoughts and perceptions. My body was expressing what I thought to be true. My broken spine was held in that configuration because of how I saw reality, how I understood nature and what I understood my role to be. I knew, innately, that if I was willing to suspend all disbelief about how things “should be”, in other words, let go of my thoughts that were holding my tissue within a certain paradigm, I would open myself to the power of life-force energy, which would restructure my cells into a new harmonious relationship with life.
The terrorist attacks are a sign of a collective illness and a call for us all to awaken into a new way of being. If we want them to stop, we must see them differently. First we need to understand that they are not groups that exist only “out there”. What we see outside reminds us of the very same that exists within. If we focus our energy exclusively on the problems outside ourselves, then we perpetuate the feeling of disconnection from our own shadows that cast darkness in the world.
The anti-life activities of terrorist groups are like a cancer that exists within our collective human body. These cancer-like mutations of our beautiful human nature wreak havoc, upset natural balance and seek to overtake the life-force present throughout our shared body. They reflect the profound state of disconnection and wanting that we each experience at this time, to some degree or another.
Cancer grows and spreads when left unattended. But what attention does it need? Does it need military strength? Does it need intense light visualizations directed its way to try to overtake or convert it? Does the cancer need to be cut out? Perhaps. But those who have lived through cancer know that removal is often not a permanent solution. It can work for some time, just as World War 1 was “the war to end all wars”. But then came World War 2, and many other conflicts since then.
If we want the outside suffering to stop, we must address the suffering that we perpetuate every day, in subtle and overt ways. Whether inwardly restless and unhappy, wanting this moment to be other than it is, or outwardly reacting against the world and its people because we only see them through our own distorted perception, we all have within us the seeds of anger, hatred and revenge. It is up to each one of us to choose whether or not we act from disconnection and pain, or love and interconnection – not somewhere in the future, but now, in this moment, today.
To be a healthy people, we need to meet pain, suffering, and cancerous mutations, such as terrorist groups, with conscious awareness of what they truly are. They arise from ignorance and are radically dissonant with our true, life-affirming nature. Only through ignorance and suffering are they are sustained. When we meet them with full compassionate presence and clearly see them not as enemies out there, but as a mirror to the disconnection and wanting that exist within each one of us, we no longer give them the energy they need to survive. They wither when we radically love ourselves and each other as interconnected beings within an unconditionally loving whole. They cease as we understand and accept, with deep humility, the part we each play in their sustenance.
My own journey of surrender to life-force energy led to what has been medically called a “miraculous healing”. As such, I know that we move towards health not by approaching anti-life energy with either disgusted attack or effortful light. Such only fuels more sense of disconnection and causes illness to remain. Instead, healing happens as we embrace both our shadows and light equally, lovingly accepting it all as the totality of who we are. We do so with courage, forgiveness, understanding and a powerful sense of profound gratitude for whatever this moment brings. In so doing, we no longer fight the moment wishing it to be other than it is and contribute to the wanting and disconnection that feeds disease.
By realizing that suffering comes from suffering and pain spreads pain, we can meet any disconnection found in this moment with profound compassion. Ultimately, any wanting that exists within each one of us feeds the hungry dragon of wanting that fuels the cancer-like terrorist groups on the collective human body. We each are a part of it all. If even a minute amount of wanting exists within our psyche, we are part of both the problem and the solution. It is up to each us to heal ourselves so that we support global healing. No one can do it for us. If we wish an end to cancerous terrorist groups, we need to look within at the ways in which we – in this very moment – are living in fear and disconnect.
As we remember the spiritual truth that we are light, we know that love is the only way. We let go of the battle of the psyche to try to conquer this moment and make it how our divided selves want it to be. We let go of the fight to hold onto illusions of separateness, which fuel suffering, hatred and revenge. As we sing “I am light”, we move our awareness towards the unending luminosity of our timeless Self. We rest in our eternal light and amplify illumination in the world. We then flood the collective body of humanity with all the sweetness of grace that we can access. We become vehicles for eternal light – who we truly are.
May we all rest in eternal light and in so doing, shine light in the world. May we all remember that our true nature is love and only love is real.
Until next time, remember,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are ONE Earth family.