Love Your Liver

BY Parvati

Hello friends,
It is another busy week as we have started editing footage for “Yoga in the Nightclub” and will soon begin shooting “Shanti Om”. Here is a sneak peek from a recent photo shoot. I’m excited about it!
parvati angel holding rose
We are now in a good time of year to do spring cleanses. As I wrote in a series on anger and the liver, “During the winter, we tend to eat heavier foods to keep up the internal heat and keep us warm. In the spring, we must change our diet to help the liver flush out toxins and meet the challenge of the summer heat. We need to start eating more raw foods, lighter foods. If we enjoy fried foods, we must let go of this till next winter. Include lots of fresh, leafy greens in your diet. Avoid red meats, fatty foods, alcohol and congesting foods like cheeses. Your liver will love you for it.
Some indications you may benefit from a liver cleanse are frequent irritability and temper flares, a tendency to get headaches, sinus issues, feeling groggy in the morning, or feeling easily flushed in the face.”
You can read more at “The Angry Liver” or go back and read from the beginning on anger at “Anger As An Ally“.
Enjoy the gift of this day,