Meeting the Moment and What's In Store

BY Parvati

My daily morning meditation practice is the foundation of my life. Each day I sit and do my best to meet myself as I am. Some days, I struggle with what I find. Others, I am able to embrace what is without resistance and blossom into a new relationship with myself, this moment and the world. Whatever the sit brings, I find that it serves to dissolve any notion of separateness between who I am now, what I am meant to be, who I was and where I am going. Through meditation, I find a meeting of the past and future in the fullness of the now.
My body is always a great teacher in learning to be present. Over the past few months, I chose to burn the candle at both ends and meet the opportunity to co-direct my first music video. It has been fabulously exhilarating, pushed my buttons to no end, felt perfectly on path and challenging in many new ways. Growth for sure! This past week, I felt the cumulative toll of the many late nights and very long days. So my body has been letting me know, right in alignment with budding spring, that it is time for a shift in my life rhythm.
As I went deeper today to meet these feelings in my morning practice, I was face to face with many of my shadows. For some, that may bring up a feeling of “oh no!”. But for me, it was grace. I am here to grow and let go of all the ways in which I am not seeing this moment in its fullness. And in my shadows are keys to the ways in which I hide from what is. So though it may not be easy or comfortable, I welcome them as they come to my attention.
What arose for me today is clear understanding and insight into the nature of striving. Many of us who are on a spiritual path share this shadow. We want the world to be a better place, so we do our best to contribute. But what is this desire to save the world? What came to me was the following, loud and clear from my soul:
We don’t need to “save the world” as though we were not OF the world. We are the world. We are OF nature. Purifying ourselves and revealing our true nature IS saving the world.
It reminded me of the beauty of the interconnection of all things. As I alter the way in which I see myself, as I let go of my limiting beliefs, as I love myself without condition, I welcome this moment as it is and open to a world of possibility. As I let go of feeling separate, I find wholeness. Perfection already exists. All I have to do is let go of feeling separate and open.
As these realizations arose, I found myself feeling energized and lighter. The pain I was experiencing in my body began to shift. New life seemed to emerge.
With that new life, I am back at my computer working through my various tasks in preparation for an exciting week ahead. Here is what is in store for you to enjoy this week:
1)     The new Yoga In the Nightclub EP with fabulous photographs by talented photographer Eric Benchimol goes to press this week and is being remastered for its official iTunes release this spring.
2)     My website gets an overhaul with a whole new look and a new page goes live.
3)     The first trailer for the Yoga In the Nightclub music video will be released this week, with grace, as we are in the editing phase of the full music video!
May you have a blessed week! Note that there is a lunar eclipse early Tuesday morning, which may alter your ability to see clearly 24 hours before and after its passing. As always, eclipses are a good time to meditate and practice staying rooted, vital and expansive.
Until next week, be well.