Mind Body Spirit Brighton

BY Parvati

Hello from the UK, where I have just given a show and workshop at Mind Body Spirit Brighton. I had so much fun getting everyone dancing during my show, in which I performed elements of YIN: Yoga in the Nightclub.
Parvati with audience participation at Mind Body Spirit Brighton
Also in the past week, the latest issue of Parvati Magazine has gone live. This month’s theme is “Roots”. Please read, enjoy and share the articles we have on offer this month.
As this post goes online, we are transiting out of yet another eclipse, this time a solar eclipse. Please do read my post on practice during a solar eclipse if you have not already done so.
On a similar note of finding light in the dark, I share another excerpt from my book Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie: A Revolutionary Life Makeover for the Sincere Spiritual Seeker. If you are in the UK, please join me for one of the workshops I will be giving based on this book.
Even when we let go of the voices that keep us small and muster the courage to go for the things that make us feel alive, we inevitably meet challenges. But just like fear and doubt, adversity is not ultimately “bad”. If we are wise and sober, it brings us closer to our soul purpose.
On the hero’s journey, the hero must face his or her shadow to find wholeness. So too, we are tested in the process of becoming our fullest selves. We learn through adversity to put the most important things first. It is easy to get caught up in the nitty-gritty, rather than putting the scary or challenging stuff first. “Oh, I will get to that later,” we tell our self, in an attempt to evade our fears. But when does later come? How long are we willing to wait? What is the cost of waiting? It is easy to fool our self into thinking that we are growing, when in fact, we are hiding and not challenging our self to meet our highest potential.
Following your bliss requires discernment, constant vigilance, keen focus and commitment to honouring the call of our unique inner voice. The universe supports our greatest joy. We must be willing to remain focused on that fact as we face the ups and downs of life. Staying focused and being prepared to meet the unexpected are part of the hero’s journey.
Sometimes New Age teachings oversimplify life into the idea that if it’s all fluid, then we are doing well, and if it is challenging, then we are not in alignment. I do not believe that adversity is a problem or a sign from the universe that we are off path. The challenge of adversity could be an opportunity to face fears and let go of deeper, still untouched resistance.
We do not need to let adversity steamroll over us and overwhelm our spirit. Only when we face our fears will we be free from them. Only when we stop fighting the dark, will we be no longer be afraid to be the light we are.
We wobble. We fall. We get up. We start again. We learn to be both humble and powerful, because we are aligned not to our personal will but to our soul, which is connected to the divine source of infinite power.
Jai Ma,