New Website This Week

BY Parvati

Hello friends,
As the greenery and flowers in Toronto begin to bud, I am experiencing my life springing into fuller action. After a long winter of work, I am steps away from unveiling my brand new website this week! I cannot wait to share it with you.
In the past, I have separated out my music, yoga, words and activism to different sites with different looks and feels. However, each activity is a sincere petal-like expression of the multidimensional flower that I am. With the new Parvati.TV site, everything will be brought together as one colourful expression through the most comprehensive website we have ever developed.
I am especially excited to be making a far wider range of content available than ever before. I am launching a TV channel with six categories – I AM (satsangs on I AM presence), YOGA (practice for YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine), MEDITATION (juicy guided meditations), MUSIC (videos, behind the scenes and fun stuff about my life as touring musician), SOUND (experimental sound healing explorations) and LIVING (practical tips on how to live in the positive possibilities). Each category will be updated regularly.
In addition to my weekly blog postings, I will also make available weekly short Positive Possibilities reminders. And, coming soon, I will be making available a free Life Makeover E-Course, inspired by my book Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie, to be released this year.
All this content is available for free and you will be able to sign up to receive as much of it as you would like… from my heart to yours!
There is still more! I am launching my YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine guided practice audio CD and DVD in conjunction with this new website. YEM is a synthesis of my many years of practice and exploration in yoga, meditation and energy healing. It aims to both infuse the body/being with consciousness and awaken the inner intelligence already present within it. YEM awakens vital energy through mindful breathing, meditations, vital energy work and subtle attention to yoga postures. It guides the practitioner more deeply into the body, into the present. This is done through exercises that clear the body’s energy channels (nadis), in order to master vital energy (prana and shakti), and tap into unlimited power and ease (samadhi). The audio CD features a full color poster with the various asanas demonstrated, and the DVD includes four hours of material.
The creative design and structure of the website are inspired by several important pieces of my life. I feel it is time to make official my longtime nickname the “Positive Possibilities Lady”. As such, it is the tagline for the website, and the thematic throughline for all its contents. I have often been dubbed the Positive Possibilities Lady for my frequent encouragement to people to live in positive possibilities. A person who is fully resonant in positive possibilities knows within each cell that he or she is wisely interconnected to all things in a way that the limited mind, or ego, cannot grasp or comprehend. He or she understands that to love oneself unconditionally is to love all things equally. It is in service to this understanding that all my creative efforts take place – music, yoga, words. Each aspect of Parvati.TV is intended to bring forward positive possibilities vision.
As beings of light, our true nature is transcendent luminosity. This term, “Transcendent Luminosity” was the name of my UK tour in 2013. It is a term that speaks closely to my heart and brings both visual and spiritual inspiration to the website. In a way, we are all prisms that refract our luminous nature into the world. For me, the refraction comes through principally in music, yoga, words and activism. As such, the visual concept for Parvati.TV is the rainbow light of a prism, through which transcendent luminosity is refracted into different colors. Every colour represents the many different aspects through which I would like this website to serve you. When you get to see the site, you will notice that the navigation is based on a rainbow. The effervescent backgrounds that change with each page along the rainbow theme, reflect the dynamic, bubbling nature of pure possibility.
In today’s busy, often agitated world, we need times and places of calm that allow us to remember that the love that is our true nature is right here and now. In reality, this life is a sacred gift. We are always interconnected with love and joy, within this grace. When we live in this reality, we experience heaven on earth. Tuning into such is a question of changing the lens through which we see this moment. We can more easily fine tune our perceptions and see the substratum of infinite grace that is always present, when we spend time in places of sanctuary that refresh the spirit.
The words sanctuary and sanctity both come from the same Latin root sanctus, which means holy or sacred. Places where there is a strong intention to align to and serve the love that always is, regardless of whether our efforts are vast or humble, widely known or hidden, are sacred places. We naturally find it easier to perceive reality there. Such sacred places become a place of refreshment and refuge for the spirit that allows us to gradually awaken to the understanding that all places are sanctified – in truth, all places are effervescent with the light of our true nature. Sanctuary spaces give us the chance to breathe, let go of stress, and recalibrate around this understanding.
The Sanskrit word ashram refers to a place apart from the day-to-day world where people make a sincere effort towards moksha, liberation from the ego to experience the bliss of oneness with all that is. To spend time in such a vibration is of great benefit to our spiritual path, and in turn, ultimately, to all beings.
My intention with the new Parvati.TV is that it becomes a sanctuary, a virtual ashram where you will wish to return to again and again to rest, be inspired, meditate, reflect, so that you may live in the world feeling refreshed and whole. We meet the divine in the mundane as we embrace the sacred now.
I hope you are now as excited about seeing the new website, as I am in sharing it. Stay tuned for the big reveal this week!