North Pole Retrospective – Part 1

BY Parvati

Dear Friends,
One year ago today, my living room was strewn with backpacks, performance costumes and Arctic gear. I was preparing to head to the North Pole where I was to perform my songs dressed as my character Natamba to help raise awareness of the melting polar ice. It was a huge trip for me both personally, in the inner transformation it inspired, and socially, through the people I met along the way and the bonds that were formed. Please join me through the coming week as I contemplate and review this very important time in my life and the amazing things that flowered from this journey.

A year ago tonight was the night before we left:

How do you pack for a journey you have never taken, to a landscape that is dangerous, inhospitable and very, very cold? Thankfully, many people have come together to donate warm woolies, down sleeping bags, snowsuits and technical gear.Value Village had some used snowmobile boots that fit. Luckily we were able to get some expert advice from videographers who have shot in the kind of conditions we are expecting, anywhere between -15C to -25C. We need to be prepared for things like battery life depleting very quickly in the cold and gear freezing. Even our video camera needs a special Arctic snowsuit…