Parvati Magazine – Luminosity

BY Parvati

I am happy to say that the latest issue of Parvati Magazine is now live! Go check it out. It is full of great articles to inspire on this month’s theme of Luminosity. It celebrates your luminous self and your interconnection with all on our beautiful planet. Enjoy!
Daylight Savings Time has ended and the nights are lengthening on their way to the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Yet, even as darkness increases over these months, luminosity is not only possible – it is our destiny.
As we come to fully experience that our essence and everything within and around us is one with unlimited consciousness, we realize our true, divine nature. Those who truly understand and live within this reality love all things equally and see all things equally, because to them, all is undivided consciousness, not separate from themselves, or anything that is.
To whet your appetite for this month’s luminous Parvati Magazine issue, here is a taste of my YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine exercise in the magazine:
Each luminous, colourful butterfly was once a caterpillar. Not born with wings that could take it to great heights, the former ground-crawler had to be reborn to see the world in a whole new way and experience newfound freedom. In many ways, the spiritual path is like this. As one of my favorite children’s books, “Hope For The Flowers” by Trina Paulus, reminds us, we can too easily find ourselves stuck in the hum-drum of living, crawling along the ground and forgetting that a butterfly waits to be born within us.
In India, cobblers traditionally sat to repair shoes in Butterfly pose, also known as Bound Angle Pose or Baddhakonasana in Sanskrit (baddha/bound kona/angle). Likely due to its ability to open the flow of life-force energy through the kidneys, sexual and digestive organs, groin and prostate, it was noted that often these workers did not suffer from such diseases.
Safe for most anyone who does not suffer from severe knee, groin or hip injuries, this simple yoga pose will provide you with an opportunity to gently go within while deepening a rooted sense of connection to the Earth. As your spine spills over your hips and you release your forehead towards the ground, your overheated thinking mind eases into surrender to the cooling compassionate Earth. It is a panacea for those suffering from menstrual disorders and of great benefit for any expectant mother, even late in pregnancy.
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Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are ONE Earth family.