Patience and Love for the Earth

BY Parvati

Hello friends,
It is another cold day in southern Ontario as spring continues to be elusive. But soon, it will be here. Time seems to be moving so quickly this year with all Rishi and I are doing – preparing for the release of two music videos, a surround sound album and show, and more in 2014. Here is a picture from one of the photo shoots we did this week with my talented friends: photographer Eric Benchimol and makeup artist Michelle Flannigan.
eric michelle parvati angel shoot
I am not a huge fan of snow and cold, but I believe that we have the option to practice patience in situations that we may not like. You can read more about the power of patience in one of my past Ask Parvati columns.
And any time is a good time to practice compassion for Mother Nature. If she is acting in a manner that seems deranged, we must consider: what is the cause for her suffering? As I have written in the past, our planet is a living organism to which we are all connected. If the planet is stressed, I feel we must ask ourselves in which way we are contributing to that stress. Then we can take action to help reduce any toxic impact we may have. Earth Hour last night was one example of many simple and concrete actions we can choose to do to support our beautiful planet.
At the end of each Parvati Magazine monthly issue, I conclude the OnWord with “Love yourself. Love others. Love our world.” It is a bit of a personal motto that highlights the way I feel we are interconnected. I would love to hear from you by sharing in the comments to this post what you may be doing today to love yourself, to love others, and/or to love our world… small or big, it does not matter. Please share. My ears and heart are open.
For me, I started the day with meditation as an act of self-love, knowing that it helps me feel revitalized and aligned with my true nature. That makes the choices I inevitably come upon through the day much simpler, as I am clear. Time therefore is maximized and I find more presence and value in each moment.
Then I created this blog posting in the spirit of love for everyone, to create a place where we may connect and feel inspired together. Then off to shoot the last sections for the music video Yoga in the Nightclub. We are into editing it this week!
I work to keep the ecological footprint of my photo and video shoots as low as possible, using energy-saving LED lights, not wasting costume or backdrop fabric that can be reused, and car pooling to studio locations whenever possible. And the vision for my work is to help spread this notion of interconnection as One Earth Family. I profoundly feel that these project and efforts are not for me or of me, but for us, through me, of all. Our body is just a vehicle for something far beyond “me”. And our mind a fluctuating roller coaster of temporal likes and dislikes.
My prayer is that we all continue to point our attention towards that eternal light and love that we all are, from where we all come, to which we all return.
Enjoy the gift of being you – that eternal light – on this precious day!