Peace in Nepal, Peace in All of Us

BY Parvati

Hello from my music studio, known as my Devi cave, where I continue to create magical sounds for my upcoming I Am Light EP. This EP will blend my love for meditation and pop music. How do these two fit together? Creatively, I feel all things arise from the still richness I touch in meditation. Artistically, the album blends guided meditations and tracks to get anyone on their feet dancing. I can’t wait to share it with you!
One of my neighbors is Nepali and told me recently about a blockade between India and Nepal and suffering among the Nepali people. Concerned by what I was hearing, I spoke with my colleagues at Parvati Magazine. We researched the growing humanitarian crisis and summarized it in this month’s issue:
“Many remote regions of Nepal affected by the devastating earthquake in April 2015 have yet to receive aid money to help them rebuild, as the funds received by the Nepali government have not been deployed in their area. Worse, the border between Nepal and India is blockaded, cutting off Nepal’s primary lifeline for fuel, food, medicine and more. Cars line up for three days to get gasoline. Children are malnourished. Hospitals are running out of medicine. Aid agencies like Oxfam can’t get fuel to deliver relief where it is needed. And with another cold winter on the horizon for Nepal, things could get much worse very soon.”
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As we evolve spiritually, we cannot help but feel moved by the suffering we see in the world. An impulse to help alleviate pain is a natural reflection of our inherent humanity. Sitting on our meditation cushion for hours often gives rise to a greater sense of how connected we are, and as such, that our compassionate action can serve the world. Compassion must be the foundation of spiritual activism. Through compassion, we rest in our underlying sense of oneness. We are humbly no better than or worse than others, but feel connected to all through love.
Yet, as I say in my post “Activism for the Sincere Spiritual Seeker”, we must not mistake our good intentions with true compassion. We must make sure that we are not acting from ego when we are doing “good deeds” or participating in any kind of protest or boycott.
“When thinking about refusing to pay a tax that the government has implemented, or boycotting a country or company whose policies you don’t agree with, as a spiritual aspirant, we must question violence – ahimsa. We must ask ourselves if our actions in any way stem from feeling separate from the whole, if in them there is any sense of aggression or divisiveness, finger pointing, ego stroking. If so, we are not acting in peace. We may be activists. We may be political. But we are not being sincere spiritual seekers. When not in peace, we are disconnected in some way, somehow feeding our ego. And when there is ego, there is suffering.”
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The latest news is that India and Nepal may be getting closer to reaching a deal to lift the blockade. May all conflict end swiftly so that aid can be brought to those who need it. May we all remember that as the great saints show us, when there is no ego, there is a more peaceful way. May we all live I Am Light, knowing our true luminous nature, rooted in our interconnection with all.
Until next week,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are ONE Earth family.