Peace of Mind for Peace in the World

Peace, Meditation, and Inner Sanctuary

In the morning, as I sit in meditation, I am a witness to the world awakening, and watch my own self open to a field of possibilities. My mind may wander to what I will have for breakfast or what lies in my workday ahead. But with practice, I do now experience periods of deep inner peace.

This kind of inner sanctuary is essential to me as I face, like we all do, a lot of questions and demands throughout the day. For me, they come mostly through my work as a touring musical artist and composer, as the founder and CEO of an international charity working to create MAPS, the world’s largest peace sanctuary, and in my personal life as a wife, sister, aunt and friend.

Last week, we concluded with a couple of exercises on how to become more present. I suggested ways you could implement them into your daily routine. How did it go for you? Are you finding that you can give yourself more internal space, ease and peace?

If you had moments of, “I don’t know what I’m feeling right now,” that’s natural. It’s as though we’re at the gym, building a new “awareness” muscle. Presence and inner peace develop with time and practice. I also like to think of inner peace as a garden. The seeds of peace will flower within us as we cultivate them with care and loving attention.

A New Ecological Footprint

A few years ago, I attended a talk by Aryne Sheppard from She spoke about how we need to move from the awareness of our ecological footprint to include the understanding of our ecological mind-print. I love that term! It succinctly expresses the idea that what we think affects more than just ourselves. It speaks to the need for inner peace as the foundation to world peace.

We’ve probably all seen comic illustrations of people happily beaming like sunshine, or gloomily walking along under their own raincloud. It may seem simplistic yet points to a profound truth. Our thoughts and moods are like clouds in our personal atmosphere. But are they just in our own atmosphere? We all breathe the same air. We live under a common sky. We walk the same ground. Because we are all connected, all life on the planet will sense, at some level, our inner sun or clouds. What we think, feel and do affects each other.

Be Patient With Yourself

As you practice developing inner peace, it’s important to be patient with yourself. Remember that to judge or be down on yourself for not being “there” yet enables a disconnected state. You would be waging war on yourself – however subtly.  That would add more clouds to your own sky and our shared, collective sky.

Instead of focusing on clouds, trying to push or pull at them or judging them as wrong, consider the reality of a shining sun ever present beyond them.
Between now and next week, please ask yourself the following:

  • When I felt peaceful, did it seem to support peace around me?
  • When I was at war inwardly, did I see it reflected around me?
  • Am I willing to be patient and compassionate with myself, even when I don’t feel at peace?

We’re all learning and growing together. If you feel so moved, please share your thoughts in the comments below. I love hearing from you.

From my heart to yours,

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